Calamity Jane

Karingal High School: October 19731973.2 - Calamity Jane


Brief Synopsis:

‘Calam’ dresses like a man, totes a gun and drives the Deadwood City stagecoach. Well-meaning, but disaster-prone, she tries to help the local saloon proprietor out of a jam by promising to fetch a music-hall star from Chicago. A hilarious comedy, it nevertheless has many tender moments and some very famous numbers, including “Secret Love”, “Black Hills Of Dakota, “Deadwood Stage” and “Windy City”.





Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Arthur Mead
  Jim Veitch
  Stage Manger John Rekers
Production Staff Assistant to the Director Martyn Keeley
  Lighting Director Bruce Morton
  Scenic Design Pat Morton
  Wardrobe Mistress Celia Hallam
  Promotions Manager Peter hart
  Ticket Secretary Isobel Myring
  Front of House Veronica Ferguson
  Tom Hooke
  Program Design Peter Hart
Cast Calamity Jane Diane manley
  Wild Bill Hickok Barry Woodford
  Lieut Danny Gilmartin Bill Kennedy
  Katie Brown Rhonda Horwood
  Henry Miller John Ross
  Susan Julia Taphouse
  Francis Fryer Arthur Mead
  Adelaide Adams Judy McLorrinan
  Rattlesnake Stan Riley
  Doc Pierce Chappie Siddans
  Joe Peter Moon
  Hank John Langman
  Pete Bruce Shepherd
  Female Chorus Cheryl Annabel
  Eadie Baldwin
  Sarnia Birch
  Judith Breeze
  Eunice Brown
  Gai Brown
  Elkje Buffington
  Beth Coops
  Leanne Coops
  Lorraine Duff
  Margaret Duff
  Sue Gray
  Bev Hann
  Joan Hooke
  June Kensell
  Marissa kennedy
  Kete McMillan
  Hilary Moon
  Sue Moore
  Pat Morton
  Terry Overden
  Betty Packham
  Amy Parry
  Joan Pearson
  Eileen Ramsey
  Jean Riley
  Phillipa Stingby
  Glanda Watson
  Sue Ward
  Male Chorus Grant Kennedy
  Dusty Lewis
  Richard latchford
  Arthur Roberts
  Karl Vennemann
  Denis Wiltshire
  Steve hayes
  Peter Chaffey
  John McCormack
  Dancers Lynne Brown
  Christine Hoffman
  Sue Hooke
  Joanne Johnson
  Linda Johnson
  Sue Moore
  Terry Ovenden
  Lindy Pearson
  Sian Rodda
  Jenny Schlager
  Pat Sharpin
  Peter Chafey
  John Langman
  John McCormack
Team Scenic Construction Tom Hand
  Properties Norma macer
  Sue Hooke
  Helen Currie
  Prompt Judy Page
  Backstage Audrey Carruthers
  John McCormack
  Tony Evans
  Neil Weatherill
  Doug Ferguson
  Jim Veitch
  Rod Carruthers
  Geoff Carter
  Lighting Ric Merrin
  Owen Marsh
  Colin Tyrus
  Clem Macer
  Richard Paynting
  Mark Smith
  Wardrobe Elizabeth Palmer
Orchestra Violin Irene Bullock
  John Conyers
  Denis Boyce
  Nellie Byrant
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Bass Don More
  Flute Roger Bruce
  Reeds Ian Clapperton
  Vic Knowles
  Alan Tacon
  Trumpet Malcolm Torry
  Jeanette Shepherd
  Lionel Mussell
  Betty Shepherd
  Trombone Don Hale
  Lorraine Shepherd
  Horn Greg Keogh
  Percussion John Annable
  Pianist Coral Nicholls
Location: Karingal High School