Can Can

1970.2 - Can- CanFrankston Teachers College : May 1970

Brief Synopsis:

In Paris in 1893, the dance-hall in Montmartre owned by La Môme Pistache, Bal du Paradis, is being threatened with closing by a self-righteous judge, Aristide Forestier. He is offended by the scandalous but popular dance that the attractive dancers perform at the dance-hall, the “Can-Can.” The judge sends the police to harass the owner and dancers, but the police like the dancers so much that they are reluctant to testify against them in court. The judge decides to gather evidence himself, and takes a trip to the club. Once there, he and the owner, La Môme, fall in love. He tries to keep his identity a secret but the girls recognize him. He sees the Can-Can and gets photographic evidence of its scandalousness. La Môme and the dancers are sent to jail.

One of the dancers, Claudine, a laundry girl by day, has been pursued by Hilaire, an art critic, who plans to host to hold an elaborate ball at the club. Claudine, who loves a sculptor, Boris, arranges to have dinner with Hilaire so that her sculptor will receive a favourable review. Now, with the proprietress and dancers locked up, the ball cannot go forward. The judge is struggling with the conflict between his moral scruples and his love for La Môme. Eventually, he concedes that “obscenity is in the eye of the beholder”. He urges her to escape, but a journalist gets a photograph of him kissing her – a scandal for him!

Hilaire criticises Boris’s sculptures, and the cowardly artist manages to challenge the critic to a duel before fainting. Eventually, Hilaire writes a gushing review of Boris’s work. Judge Aristide loses his judgeship and is disbarred, but La Môme and the girls all go to court with him and all win their cases.





Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Wendy Allison
  Choreographer Orale Carson
  Stage Manager Neil Weatherll
Design Team Costume Design Margaret McGegor
  Scenery Design Ray Burgess
  Lighting Design Peter Hart
Cast Bailiff Bill McNeilly
  Policeman Tony Evans
  Neil Weatherill
  Judge Paul Barriere Bern Conlan
  Court President Marceau Eddie Jones
  Judge Aristide Forestier Robert McGregor
  Claudine Vivienne Mead
  Gabrielle Joan Hooke
  Marie Noelyne Godson
  Celestine Esther Greig
  Hilaire Jussac Martyne Keeley
  Boris Adzinidzinadze Don Munroe
  Hercule Ray Abbott
  Theophile Rod Birch
  Etienne Norm Southerby
  First Waiter Eddie Jones
  La Mome Pistache Margaret Grevsmuhl
  Jailer Alan Lobley
  Model Jean Riley
  Mimi Jaye Copeland
  Doctor Bill McNeilly
  Prosecutor Bill McNeilly
  Monarchist Bill McNeilly
  Nun Margaret O’Toole
  Customers Rosemary Gunn
  Edie Baldewin
  Barbara Rothwell
  Judith Aisbett
  Joyce Brown
  Rslyn Da Costa
  Errol Rowe
  Tony Conlan
  Malcolm Chisholm
  Apache Dancers John Berrett
  Neil Weatherill
  Suzanne Rayment
  Adam John Berrett
  Eve Vivienne Mead
  Serpent Suzanne Rayment
  Frogs and Inchworms Debora Keeley
  Lisa Keeley
  Pamela Godson
  Pamela Mead
  Linda Johnson
  Laundresses Dawn Mau
  Joan Keeley
  Jayne Copeland
  Danne Lane
  Noel Archiald
  Corps De Ballet Jacqueline Dray
  Christine Hand
  Beverley Spinks
  Cheryl Tilley
  Anne Rippingale
  Susanne Pinder
  Joanne Johnson
Team Prompt Audrey Carruthers
  Properties Tony Evans
  Margaret Abernethy
  Front of House Sarnia Birch
  Ticket Secretaries Elvie Mead
  Arthur Mead
  Promotions and Publicity Peter Hart
  Robert McGregor
  Program Design Bern Conlan
  Eddie Jones
  Scenery Construction John Ashton
  Eddie Jones
  Lighting Assistants Ian McLune
  Owen Marsh
  Ross Richards
  Stage Crew Jack Allen
  John Rekers
  Veronica Ferguson
  Trevor Barson
  Michael Barson
  Malcolm Templeton
  Ian Robertson
  Jamie Semmons
  Daryl Henwood
  Ian Rolland
  Greg Evans
  David Grieg
  Roy O’Sullvan
  Costumes Pamela McNeilly
  Elizabeth Palmer
  Judith Aisbett
  Glenys Osborne
  Elvie Mead
  Elspeth Antosz
  Len Green
  Rehearsal Pianists Lois Lambert
  Celia Hallam
Orchestra Conductor Glenn Jnes
  Violins Andrew Lee
  Barbara Argall
  June Campbell
  Margaret Baille
  N. Bryant
  Ted Holmes
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Bass Glenda Hobbs
  Rex Sutherland
  Oboe & English Horn Alan Woodhouse
  Clarinets Tony Younglove
  Vic Knowles
  Bassoon Len Nurse
  Trumpets Harry Hansford
  Kevin Thomas
  Trombone Phil Hopkins
  Cello Stan Closs
  Flutes John Jones
  Jan Woods
  Horns Ashley Greedy
  Robert Bull
  Don Webster
  Percussion Norm Carruthers
  Accordionist Jenny Johnson
  Pianist Lois Lambert
Venue Karingal High School