Gypsy Baron

Karingal High School: April 19751974.1 - Gypsy Baron


Brief Synopsis:

The play opens outside the home of Zsupan, Mayor of Zrinyi in Hungary. A band of gypsies who live nearby wish to see the mayor but are met first by Otto, the mayor’s major-domo, who is in love with Arletta the mayor’s daughter. Arletta however does not return his love. Mayor Zsupan appears and is told by the gypsies that their Queen Czipra wishes to see him. Czipra enters and complains to the mayor that the mayor’s pigs roam over the gypsy encampment. The gypsies are guardians of this estate, it having been entrusted to them by the exiled overlord Feodor Barinkay. Zsupan is disdainful but is sobered somewhat by Czipra’s warning that in a dream she saw Barinkay’s son return to claim his lost estate. Zsupan is also troubled by his housekeeper Mirabella who wishes to marry him.

More trouble is in store for a special Commissioner, Count Kareska arrives from Vienna with news that the exiled Count is now dead but that his son Sandor is due to arrive soon to claim the estate and castle. Kareska also reveals that the castle contains a great treasure hidden there many years ago and that the young heir is as yet ignorant of this fact. They concoct a plan to get their hands on the treasure but this plan depends upon Arletta marrying Barinkay.

Barinkay arrives and although Arletta is thrust at him by her father, he declines the offer. Instead his eye falls upon Saffi the grand-daughter of Czipra. He proposes marriage to her and she accepts. Czipra then reveals that she too knows of the existence of the treasure and that she alone knows its whereabouts. The treasure is then produced and Barinkay promises his gypsy friends a share in his new found wealth.

The general excitement is interrupted by the arrival of recruiting officers whose aim is to gain solders to fight in a war which has again broken out against the Turks. The gypsy men are enlisted along with the mayor and Otto. Barinkay too departs to do his duty, while Saffi is placed under the control of Kareska for the duration of the war.

Act III opens in Vienna – the war is now over and the women are awaiting the return of their men. Graf Peter Homonoy the Chancellor enters and exchanges heated words with Kareska over the latter’s ungentlemanly treatment of Saffi. Zsupan and Otto are the first men to arrive and tell very colourful stories of their exploits. They do however win the hearts of Mirabella and Arletta. The other men soon enter and with them Barinkay. He is told by the Chancellor that because of his fine leadership of his men, the Emperor has seen fit to restore his estates and treasure to him and has also conferred on him the style and title of the “Gypsy Baron”. Barinkay is united with Saffi and the play ends on a note of great rejoicing.




Production Team Director Robert Turner
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Marie Morden
  Production Co-ordinator John McCormack
  Stage Manger John Rekers
Production Staff Lighting Director Peter L. Hart
  Scenic Design and Artist Pat Morton
  Wardrobe Mistress Lyn Fisher
  Properties Joan Hooke
  Rhonda Horwood
  Prompter Joan Keeley
  Ticket Secretary Isabel Myring
  House Managers Anne Parry
  Tom Hooke
  Program Peter Hart
  Rehearsal Pianist Celia Hallam
Cast Otto Peter Stennett
  Miska Grant Kennedy
  Pali Peter Moon
  Franzi Hilary Moon
  Vanya Noelyne Godson
  Arletta Rosslyn Stokoe
  Kalman Zsupan Bill McNeilly
  Mirabella Audrey Carruthers
  Czipra Isobel Taylor
  Saffi Beth Coops
  Count Kareska Stan Riley
  Sandor Barinkay Barry Woodford
  Graf Peter Homonoy Martyn Keely
  Female Chorus Judith Breese
  Sharon chie
  Wyn Crabtree
  Anne Dare
  Margaret Duff
  Bev Hann
  Gail Hoggins
  Kim Jarvis
  Linda Jarvis
  Jenny Jones
  Norma Macer
  Pat Morton
  Sue McCormack
  Joan Nightingale
  Betty Packham
  Denise Patrick
  Joan Pearson
  Julia Power
  Jean Riley
  Betty Schlager
  Barbara Spencer
  Yvonne Shilston
  Male Chorus Rudolph Brink
  Colin Coster
  Phil Davies
  Don Jones
  Dusty Lewis
  Clem Macer
  Nigel Nettleship
  John Ross
  Bruce Shepherd
  Alex Young
  Bob Crabtree
  Bill Kennedy
  Attendants Robert Canning
  Tom Canning
  Ballet Estelle Canning
  Jane Collins
  Shane Couper
  Margaret Haigh
  Christine Hoffman
  Alison Morden
  Sandra Olliver
  Sian Rodda
  Karen Stannett
  Gwen Stokoe
Team Backstage Tony Evans
  Veronica Ferguson
  John Langman
  Tony Macer
  Ron Kitchen
  Denis Wiltshire
  Tom Hand
  Lighting Owen Marsh
  Ric Merrin
  Bruce Morton
  Colin Tyrus
  Wardrobe Elizabeth Palmer
  Suppers Terry Owenden
  Gloria Hand
  Libbie Kennedy
Orchestra Violin Irene Boyce
  John Conyers
  Emerald Rangott
  Doris Boyce
  Myrtle Robertson
  Nellie Byrant
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Ted Gruenberger
  Cello Lauren Kennedy
  Caroline Doyle
  Bass Don More
  Flute Roger Bruce
  Clarinet Alan Tacon
  Ian Clapperton
  Trumpet Mal Torry
  Jeanette Shepherd
  Trombone Done Hale
  Percussion Michael Robinson
  Pianist Celia Hallam
Venue Karingal High School