1979.1 - Irene

George Jenkins Theatre : May 1979

 Brief Synopsis

‘Irene’ concerns a delightful and strong-willed Irish girl, Irene O’Dare. While helping her widowed mother in a little shop in New York City, she dreams of being a successful business woman. She successfully manages a dress salon and eventually marry’s the shop’s financial backer, Donald Marshall.






Production Team Director Roger Lemke
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Graeme Coombs
  Production Co-ordinator Jean Riley
  Stager Director Richard Smith
  Stage Manager John McCormack
Design Team Costume Design Trudi Mackenzie
  Linda Hewison
  Set Design Kel Pearson
  Lighting Director John Lewis
Cast Irene Malloy Margaret Antosh
  Madame Lucy Gordon Lindsay
  Donald Marshall III Geoffrey Harrison
  Mrs O’Dare Dawn Mau
  Helen Bourke Mary Lindsay
  Jane McFudd Rhonda Horwood
  Mrs Marshall Noelyne Godson
  Ozzie Babson Patrick Gleeson
  Arabella Vicki Illingworth
  Jimmy Andrew Vial
  Clarkson Mike Anderson
  Telephone Man Fred Birkinshaw
  Singers Mary Kasakoff
  Elizabeth Smillie
  Lesley Langman
  Chris Coulson
  Wendy Hinde
  Kerry Jeffries
  Fred Birkinshaw
  Joan McDowell
  Rodney Smith
  Rod Otto
  John Patchell
  Geoff Nougher
  David Ivory
  Neil Walters
  Mike Anderson
  Lindsay Brown
  Jill Visnowski
  Sue Otto
  Michael Guest
  Dancers Gillian Andrews
  Elaine Brimmell
  Jenny Cheal
  Sheila Davidson
  Karen Holloway
  Vickie Illingsworth
  Lindy Pearson
  Lorraine Quinn
  Pam Johnson
  Jenny Hartley
Team Lighting Mechanists Barry Hunt
  Ron Gavin
  Steven Asker
  Set Construction Supervisor Tim Thompson
  Set Builders Rod Otto
  Fred Birkinshaw
  Rex Asker
  Rodney Smith
  Michael guest
  John Patchell
  Geoff Nougher
  Neil Walters
  Tim Thompson
  Kel Pearson
  David Ivory
  Piano Maker Kel Pearson
  Properties Judi McCormack
  Make Up Sandra Strongman
  Nicole Mau
  Rehearsal Pianist Basil Gleeson
  Arch Dyer
  Chorus Master Basil Gleeson
  Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Publicity Mary Lindsay
  Mark Simms
  Mary Jo Rennick
  Cast Caller Richard Smith
  Sound Owen Marsh
  Video Max Smith
  Front of House Lorna Coulson
  Geoff Hinde
  Foyer Display Mary Jo Rennick
  Ticket Secretary Sue Kawecki
  Tea Lady Joan Pearson
Orchestra Conductor Basil Gleeson
  Strings Joy Boldiston
  Heather Birrell
  Erin Matzner
  Don More
  Woodwind Adrian Leech
  Alan Tacon
  Martin West
  Jeff Mead
  Feff Currie
  Brass Jim Gardiner
  Betty Shepherd
  Ron Hunt
  Frank Barde
  Bill Post
  Glen Schumock
  Percussion Angela Rogers
  Piano Arch Dyer
Venue George Jenkins Theatre