La Belle Helene

Karingal High School: April 19711971.1 - La Belle Helene


Brief Synopsis:

The second – and equally famous – of Offenbach’s highly diverting satires on a well-known legend. The action takes place (without any regard for credibility) in unspecified ancient times in a unlikely ancient Greece, and concerns the abduction of the fair Helen by the Prince of Troy – aided and abetted by a wily oracle-worker, who outwits Helen’s much deceived husband and an assortment of royal Grecian heroes. The score includes some of Offenbach’s best-loved melodies.




Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Paul Cauchy
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Eddie Jones
  Stage Manager Neil Weatherill
Design Team Wardrobe Margaret McGregor
  Scenic Design Gordon Brennan
  Lighting Design Peter Hart
Cast Juno Audrey Carruthers
  Minerva Wendy Allinson
  Venus Noelyne Godson
  Mercury Dirk Smibert
  Paris Robert Jones
  Leonas Noel Archibald
  Cressida Pamela McNeilly
  Philocomus Norm Sotherby
  Calchas Robert Brewster
  Nesta Joan Nightingale
  Helen Rosemary Gunn
  Orestes Ken Boness
  Ajax Jack Baker
  Achilles Keith Hall
  Menelaus Arthur Mead
  Agamemnon Bern Conlan
  Ballet Christine Best
  Nanette Dodgshun
  Angela Dodgshun
  Christine Hand
  Janet Hand
  Joanne Johson
  Vivienne Mead
  Sue Moore
  Judith Prowse
  Suzanne Rayment
  Anne Rippingale
  Cheryl Tilley
  Pa De Trois Nanette Dodgshun
  Janet Hand
  Suzanne Rayment
  Chorus Judith Aisbett
  Wendy Allinson
  Noel Archibald
  Joyce Brown
  Edie baldwin
  Audrey Carruthers
  Roslyn Da Costa
  Joan Dowing
  Marianne Elliott
  Joan Hooke
  Rhonda Horwood
  Dianne Lane
  Norma Macer
  Hilary Morton
  Pamela McNeilly
  Margaret O’Toole
  Teresa Ovenden
  Bettie Packman
  Julia Power
  Coral Rekers
  Jean Riley
  Barbara Rothwell
  Betty Schlager
  Eunice Snow
  Beverley Snow
  Isobel Taylor
  Tony Conlan
  Doug Ferguson
  Mark Heaysman
  Geoff Hooke
  Eddie Jones
  Bill Hartley
  Clem Macer
  Keith Moran
  Ian Power
  Errol Rowe
  Jamie Semmens
  Dirk Smibert
  Assistant Stage Manager Martyn Keeley
Team Scenic Construction Leslie Hart
  Scenic Artist Nicki Munro
  Rehearsal Pianist Celia Hallam
  Properties Elaine Oldham
  Prompt Joan Keeley
  Front of House Dawn mau
  Ticket Secretary Doris Baker
  Publicity and Promotions Peter Hart
  Photographs Tony Evans
  Program Design Veronica Ferguson
  Peter Hart
  Scenery Construction Tom Hand
  Ron Elliott
  Scenic Artist Jamie Semmens
  Stage Crew Trevor Barson
  Denis Wiltshire
  Michael Barson
  Ian Robertson
  Tony Evans
  Edgar Borne
  Lighting Assistant Owen Marsh
  Michael Lawrence
  Colin Tyrus
  Daryl O’Brien
  Ian McLune
  Costume Assistant Elizabeth Palmer
  Margaret Ovenden
  Judith Aisbett
  Elaine Oldham
  Jayne Copeland
  Pamela McNeilly
  Sonya Dobson
  Ticket Assistant Jean Borne
  Front of House Assistants Rod Birch
  Sarnia Birch
  Norma Allen
  Properties Assistant Judy Page
Orchestra Conductor Don Coxon
  Violins Margaret Baillie
  Ted Holmes
  Ted Greenberger
  John Conyers
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Paul Mercer
  Bass Tad Cznarnecki
  Oboe Ray Hestelow
  Bassoon Paul Barnden
  Horn Andrew Rourke
  Pianist Shirley Trembath
  Flute John Jones
  Clarinet David Parnell
  Ilka Suhonen
  Trumpet Max Argent
  Brian Ellis
  Trombone Ken Brown
  Tympany Paul Farrugia
  Percussion Greg Newham
Venue Karingal High School