1977.1 - MameKaringal High School : May 1977

Brief Synopsis

After young Patrick Dennis’s parents die, his nanny, Agnes Gooch, brings him to live with his last remaining living relative, his Aunt Mame. To Agnes’s shock, Mame is a wild, party animal. Nevertheless, she is a kind woman and she and Patrick hit it off immediately. Things are basically going well until the stock market crashes and Mame loses her money. Eventually, after a series of odd jobs, Mame marries a rich man. After her new husband, Beau Burnside, dies, Mame is once again wealthy. This time, however, she spends her money on forming the Burnside Memorial Home for Single Mothers.





Production Team Director/Choreographer Graeme Coombs
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Production Co-ordinator Joan Pearson
  Stage Manger John Rekers
Production Staff Lighting Director Nigel Nettleship
  Scenic Design Ray Burgess
  Costume Design Rhonda Horwood
  Properties David Copeland
    Jayne Copeland
  Sound Director Owen March
Cast Patrick Dennis (age 10) Peter Rekers
    Mathew Lambert
  Agnes Gooch Carol Reekers
  Vera Charles Fay Harrison
  Mame Dennis Colleen Miller
  Ralph Devine Geoff Nougher
  Bishop Paul Duncan
  M. Lindsay Woolsey Edward Hill
  Ito Ian Exton
  Doorman Mark Sims
  Elavator Boy Robert Henry
  Messenger Patrick Gleeson
  Dwight Babcock Ray Burgess
  Art Model Melinda Peebles
  Stage Manager Mark Sims
  Madam Brainslowski Lynne Cornish
  Gregor Nigel Moehr
  Beauregard J.P.Burnside Gordon Lindsay
  Cousin Fan Noelyne Godson
  Sally Carto Pam McNeilly
  Mother Burnside Betty Schlager
  Patrick (age 19-29) Alllan Burrows
  Junior Babcock Paul Duncan
  Mrs Upson Lorna Coulson
  Mr Upson Barry Woodford
  Gloria Upson Renay mauldon
  Pegeen Ryan Judith Breese
  Peter Dennis Hayden Adcock
    Alex McNeilly
  Chorus – Mame’s Friends Gillian Andrews
    Judy Breese
    Elaine Brimmell
    Lindsay Brown
    Lorna Coulson
    Lynne Cornish
    Mark Cornish
    Andrea Cornish
    Peter Coulson
    Chris Coulson
    Thelma Chrch
    Don Cunningham
    Paul Duncan
    Margaret Duff
    Jo Dobson
    Dora Gross
    Robyn Geradts
    Noelyne Godson
    Patrick Gleeson
    Kathy Howat
    Lyn haug
    Joan Hooke
    Robert Henry
    Mark Harrison
    Karen Irving
    Vicki Illingsworth
    Gina Linnell
    Joanne Long
    Sandra Mann
    Pam McNeilly
    Alex McNeilly

Jenny McNeilly

    Renay Mouldon
    Nigel Moehr
    Joanne Nickless
    Geoff Nougher
    Dianne O’Malley
    Elaine Overdon
    Lindy Pearson
    Melinda Peebles
    Eddie Porajski
    Janice Smith
    Judith Smith
    Ann Sullivan
    Mark Sims
    Betty Schlager
    Irene Wolstenholm
  Ballet Gillian Andrews
    Elaine Brimmell
    Kathy Howart
    Anne Sullivan
    Vicky Illingworth
    Gina Linnell
    Joanne Long
    Lindy Pearson
Team Wardrobe Convenor Hilary Moon
  Ticket Secretary Trudi McKenzie
  Front of House Margaret Overden
    Don Jones
  Publicity & promotions Mark Sims
  Program Design Kelvey Pearson
  Make Up Cats Members
  Set Construction Co-ordination Tim Thompson
  Script Girl Pat morton
  Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Call Girl Joan Keeley
  Wardrobe Assistant Linda Hewison
    Aileen Peacock
    Judith Smith
    Janice Smith
    Christine Smith
    Elizabeth palmer
    Society members
  Set Construction Team Tim Thompson
    Terri Ovendon
    Norman haye
    Lyn Haug
  Scenery Painting Judith Breese
    Pat Morton
    Joan Pearson
    Ray Burgess
    Terri Ovendon
    Eddie Porajski
    Society Members
  Backstage Crew Tony Evans
    John Rekers
    Alan Plumb
    Denis Wiltshire
    John Langman
    Ron Kitchen
    Jim Smith
    Mark Ellis
    Norm Haye
    Doug Ferguson
    John McCormack
    Society Members
  Lighting & Sound Bruce Morton
    Ron Elliott
    Tom Hand
    Rick Merrin
    Owen Marsh
  Publicity & Promotions Team Leon Herron
    Pam McNeilly
    Don Cunningham
    Michael Brooks
  Properties Terri Ovenden
    Judy Tunks
    Carol Snowden
  Rehearsal Pianist Arch Dyer
  Front of House Society Members
Orchestra Conductor Basil Gleeson
  Piano Arch Dyer
  Violin Doris Boyce
    Irene Bulloch
    John Conyers
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Erwin Matzner
  Bass Guitar Don More
  Reeds Jeff Currie
    Graham Finch
    Adrian Leech
    Martin West
  Trumpet Saul Stainer
    Lyndon LeDan
    Janette Shepherd
  Trombone Bill Post
    Frank Bardi
  Banjo Andrew Stephens
  Percussion Angela Rogers
Venue   Karingal High School