My Fair Lady

1977.2 - My Fair ladyKaringal High School : October 1977

Brief Synopsis

‘My Fair Lady’ tells the story of the over-confident Professor Higgins and his experiment that attempts to transform a cockney girl, Eliza, into a proper-speaking lady. Higgins and his friend Colonel Pickering make great progress with the girl and even take her to the horse races and a grand ball. Nevertheless, they still treat Eliza as a mere experiment and not as a human being. When Eliza runs away, Higgins realizes that she is more than just an experiment; indeed he is in love with the girl.






Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
` Choreographer Graeme Coombs
    Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Pat Morton
  Stage Director Joan Hooke
  Stage Manger Denis Wiltshire
Production Staff Lighting Director Bruce Morton
  Scenic Design and Artist Pat Morton
  Costume Design Faye Harrison
  Properties Jean Riley
  Sound Director Owen march
Cast Eliza Doolittle Cheryl Nolan
  Freddy Barry Woodford
  Mrs Eynsford-Hill Jean Riley
  Colonel Pickering Ed Hill
  Costermongers Alan Coulson
    Geoff Hinde
    Geoff Nougher
    Stan Riley
  Henry Higgins Gordon Lindsay
  Bartender John Ashton
  Alfred Doolittle Peter Murray
  Jamie Bill McNeilly
  Harry Tim Thompson
  Mrs Pearce Loran Coulson
  Mrs Hopkins Sanda Mann
  Butlers Alan Coulson
    Geoff Hinde
  Servants Trudi McKenzie
    Helen Mills
    Anne Logan
    Debbie Buffinton
  Mrs Higgins Terrill Taylor
  Chauffer John Ashton
  Lady Boxington Mavis Smith
  Flower Girl Elaine Brimmell
  Zoltan Karparthy John Ross
  Queen of Transylvania Faye Harrison
  Ambassador John Ashton
  Mrs Higgin’s maid Lyn Thomas
  Male Chorus Michael Guest
    Lindsay Brown
    Tim Thompson
    Patrick Gleeson
    Alan Coulson
    Geoff Nougher
    Stan Riley
    Bill Mcneilly
    Geoff Hinde
    Ted carwell
    Greg Rekers
    John Ashton
    Rod Otto
  Female Chorus Mary Jo Rennick
    Lyn Thomas
    Jan Barnes
    Sandra Mann
    Robyn Geradts
    Judith Smith
    Janice Smith
    Cheryl Mann
    Sue Otto
    Janet Newman
    Mavis Smith
    Anne Logan
    Helen Mills
  Ballet Deborah Buffinton
    Irene Wolstenholme
    Lynn Haug
    Renay Maulden
    Sue Kawecki
    Jean Riley
    Trudi McKenzie
  Ballet Monica Pragnall
    Elaine Brimmell
    Vicki Illingworth
    Lindy Pearson
    Karen Irving
    Renay Maulden
Team Scenic Construction Tim Thompson
  Millinery Faye Harrison
  Wardrobe Mistress Elsie Brown
  Wardrobe Assistants Judith Smith
    Janice Smith
  Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Rehearsal Pianist Bob Bilsborough
    Megan Austin
  Ticket Secretary Trudi McKenzie
  Front of House Judy McCormack
    Mary Lindsay
  Publicity and Promotions Michael Brookes
  Prompt Moelyne Godson
  Photographs Ingo M. Helbig
  Scenery Construction Company Members
  Scenery Painting Ray Burgess
    Joan Hooke
    Ron Elliott
    Company members
  Backstage Tom Hooke
    John McCormack
    Doug Ferguson
    John Langman
    Ron Kitchen
    Alan Plumb
    Ian Exton
    Tony Evans
    Russell Thomas
    Don Cunningham
    Peter Brown
    Steve Browning
  Lighting Ron Elliott
    Tom Hand
    Nigel Nettleship
    Peter Brett
  Properties Elaine Ovenden
    Barbara Barden
    Helen Noonan
  Publicity and Promotions Judith Breeze
    Ian Exton
  Front of House Society members
Orchestra Violin Joy Boldiston
    Irene Bulloch
    John Conyers
    Doris Boyce
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Erwin Matzner
  Double Bass Don More
  Clarinet Alan Tacon
    Ian Clapperton
  Flute Rodger Bruce
  Oboe Stephen Robinson
  Bassoon Len Nurse
  Trumpet Betty Shepard
    Ron Hunt
  Trombone Frank Bardi
    Bill Post
  French Horn Vick Sykes
  Percussion Angela Rogers
Venue   Karingal High School