Paint Your Wagon

1976.2 - Paint Your Wagon

Karingal High School : October 1976

Brief Synopsis

After years of searching for gold out West, Ben Rumson and his young daughter, Jennifer, strike it rich. At the burial service of another miner, Jennifer discovers a gold nugget and Rumson Town is born. The strike encourages other miners to move to Rumson Town and a boomtown is formed. Meanwhile, Jennifer falls in love with a Mexican prospector, Julio Valveras. With the lack of women in the town, the men feel uncomfortable with Jennifer’s presence, so Ben sends her back East to school. When, a while later, she returns back to the town unexpected, Rumson Town has turned into a ghost town and Julio is gone. In the end, Julio returns and he and Jennifer are reunited.






Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Stage Manager John Rekers
Design Team Costume Design Bibi McCullum
  Set Design Pat Morton
    Ray Burgess
  Lighting Director Nigel Nettleship
Cast Walt Bill McNeilly
  Jennifer Rumson Margaret Antosh
  Salem Trumbell Geoff Hinde
  Jasper David Mackenzie
  Ben Rumson Martyn Keeley
  Steve Bullnack John Ashton
  Pete Billings Bill Bryson
  Cherry Helen Mills
  Jake Whippany Don jones
  Mike Mooney Gordon Lindsay
  Lee Zen Linda Hewison
  Sing Yuy Wendy Shakeshaft
  Doctor Newcomb Dusty Lewis
  Edgar Crocker Lawry Twining
  Sandy Twist Ted Capewell
  Rueben Sloane Tim Thomson
  Julio Valveras Graham Ford
  Jacob Woodling Alan Coulson
  Elizabeth Woodling Fay Harrison
  Sarah Woodling Joan Keeley
    Jean Riley
  Dutchie Alex Young
  Carmellita Sue Hooke
  Yvonne Sorel Trudi Mackenzie
  Suzanne Duval Sian Rodda
  Raymond janney Ed Hill
  Ed Tim Thomson
  Jack Paul Duncan
  Bill Ian ExtoAlex Youngn
  Johnansen Nigel Moehr
  Miners Gary Sanders
  Chorus Lindsay Brown
    Bill Bryson
    Ted Capewell
    Paul Duncan
    Ian Exton
    Patrick Gleeson
    David Hawkins
    Addi Helbig
    Geoffe Hinde
    Dusty lewis
    David Mackenzie
    Bill McNeilly
    Nigel Moehir
    Nick Petres
    Eddie Porjajski
    Alan Plumb
    Greg Rekers
    Gary Sanders
    Tim Thompson
    Lawry Twinning
    Alex Young
  Ballet and Fandango Girls Elaine Brimmel
    Pamela Godson
    June Hewitt
    Christine Hoffman
    Sue Hooke
    Karen Irving
    Marissa Kennedy
    Joanne Long
    Trudi Mackenzie
    Terri Ovenden
    Lindy Pearson
    Catherine Riley
    Sian Rodda
    Wendy Shankeshaft
    Chris Twing
    Joihn McCormack
Team Assistant to the Director Judith Breese
  Wardrobe Mistress Terri Ovendon
  Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Properties Sue Dyer
    Rhonda Horwood
    Norma Macer
  Prompt Maureen Alder
  Ticket Secretary Trudi Mackenzie
  Front of House Tom Hooke
    Joan Hooke
  Publicity and Promotions Isabel Myring
  Program Isabel Myring
    Mark Sims
  Backstage Tony Evans
    Doug Ferguson
    Shaun Keeley
    Ron Kitchen
    Bruce McCallum
    George Nough
    Peter Rekers
    Denis Wilshire
  Lighting Judy Sanders
    Ron Elliott
    Tom Hand
    Rick Merrin
    Bill Seppelt
  Set Construction John Rekers
    Woodleigh Students
  Wardrobe Terri Ovenden
    Judith Smith
    Judith Smith
    Elizabeth Palmer
    Margaret Ovenden
  Scenery Painting Judith Breese
    Joan Pearson
    Tim Thomson
    Lawrey Twining
Orchestra Violins John Conyersd
    Lrene Bulloch
    Doris Boyce
    Ray Conyers
    Nellie Bryant
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Erwin Matanzer
  Bass Don More
  Flute Sandra Bleazby
  Oboe Betty Bond
  Clarinet Ian Clapperton
    Allan Tagon
  Bassoon Len Nurse
  Horn Greg Keogh
  Trumpet Lyndon Le Dan
    Jeanette Shepherd
  Trombone Lorraine Shepherd
  Percussion Geoff MacGuinness
  Piano Bev Woodford
Venue   Karingal High School