Princess Ida

1975.1 - Princess IdaKaringal High School : May 1975

Brief Synopsis

Prince Hilarion has been waiting for this day for twenty years. He is about to meet the girl he was betrothed to as a baby. Unfortunately, this girl, Princess Ida, has decided that she does not want to honor the commitment and instead has gone off and started a women’s college. In an attempt to woo her, Hilarion, and his friend’s Cyril and Florian, are forced to dress up as maidens in order to sneak into the women’s compound. Once the ‘maidens’ are in the compound, various girls attending the college discover the ‘maidens’ secret. These girls attempt to keep their knowledge secret, but eventually, Princess Ida discovers the intruders. After it looks like violence is sure to erupt, Ida finally relinquishes and agrees to marry Hilarion.





Production Team Director Roger Adams
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Production Co-ordinator Clem Macer
  Stage Manager Neil Weatherill
Design Team Set and Scenic Design Pat Morton
  Lighting Director Bruce Morton
Cast King Hildebrand Stephen Bird
  His Son Hilarton Peter Stennett
  Hilarton’s Friend Cyril Bill McNeilly
  Hilarton’s Friend Florian Don Jones
  King Garna Stan Riley
  His Son Arac John Ashton
  His Son Guron John Langnman
  His Son Scynthius Ken Pullin
  Garna’s Daughter Princess Ida Rosslyn Stokoe
  Professor Lady Blanche Isabel Taylor
  Professor Lady Psyche Joan Nightingdale
  Lady Blanche’s daughter Melissa Hilary Moon
  Girl Graduate Sacharissa Jo Schlager
  Girl Graduate Chloe Maurine Hayward
  Girl GraduateAda Joan Pearson
  Female Chorus Sally Blanc
    Louis Brockley
    Jan Campbell
    Thelma Church
    Wyn Crabtree
    Anne Dare
    Margaret Duff
    Martine Hayward
    Linda Hewison
    Betty Kamps
    Helen King
    Rosemary Munro
    Janet Newman
    Dewnise Patrick
    Joan Pearson
    Coral Rekers
    Jean Riley
    Betty Schlager
    Jo Schlager
    Lesley Scoot-Smith
    Danielle Selin
    Alice Singe
    Barbara Spencer
    Chris Twining
  Male Chorus Bob Barr
    Malcolm Chisholm
    Dusty Lewis
    Wayne Mitchell
    Peter Moon
    Martin Platt
    Errol Rowe
    Bruce Shepherd
    Arthur Smart
    Chris Twining
Team Scenic Construction Ron Elliott
    Tom Hand
  Wardrobe Mistress Tess Ovendon
  Properties Joan Hooke
    Joan Keeley
  Ticket Secretary Isabel Myring
  House Manager Margaret Grevsmuhl
    John Ross
  Program Design Peter Hart
  Rehearsal Pianist Arch Dyer
  Backstage Tony Evans
    Denis Wiltshire
    Tom Hand
    Ron Elliott
    Tom Hooke
    Ian Robertson
    Bill Ramsey
    Shaun Keeley
    Ron Tenner
    Audrey Carruthers
  Lighting Owen Marsh
    Ric Merrin
    Paul Mason
    Colin Tyrus
    Peter Hart
  Wardrobe Elizabeth Palmer
    Doreen Scott
    Margaret Ovenden
  Promotions Joan Nightingale
    Joan Pearson
    Wyn Crabtree
Orchestra Violin Joy Boldiston
    Irene Bulloch
    John Conyers
    Doris Boyce
    Nellie Bryant
  Viola Heather Birrell
    Ted Gruenberger
  Cello Megan Garner
  Bass Don Mre
  Clarinet Allan Tacon
    Ian Clapperton
  Flute Roger Bruce
  Piccollo Roger Bruce
  Oboe Michael Parker
  Trumpet Mel Torry
    Jeannette Shepherd
  Horn Greg Keogh
  Piano Arch Dyer
  Percussion Ray Dorrinton
Venue   Karingal High School