1976.1 - Showboatimg078Karingal High School : May 1976

Brief Synopsis

Taking place over fifty years, ‘Show Boat’ tells the story of a showboat acting family and their struggles with gambling, race, infidelity, and poverty. In the beginning of the show, Captain Andy runs an extremely successful show on his ship ‘The Cotton Blossom.’ Unfortunately, after it is discovered that his leading lady, Julie, is part black, she and her leading man boyfriend are forced to quit the show. As a replacement, Captain Andy uses his daughter, Magnolia, and a young gambler, Gaylord Ravenal. Magnolia and Gaylord soon fall in love but they must struggle with poverty and Gaylord’s infidelity.






Production Team Director Roger Adams
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Jean Riley
  Stage Manager John Rekers
Design Team Costume Design Wendy Morriss
  Set Design Pat Morton
  Lighting Director Bruce Morton
Cast Windy Stan Riley
  Steve Martyn Keeley
  Pete Ron Kitchen
  Queeenie Betty Schlager
  Parthy Anne Hawke Coral Rekers
  Captain Andy Hawke Bill McNeilly
  Ellie Pam McNeilly
  Frank Michael Brooks
  Julie Sylvia Martin
  Gayford Ravenal Alan Coulson
  Valln Arthur Simons
  Magnolia Maureen Alder
  Joe Jack Baker
  Buckwoodsman John Ashton
  Land lady Lynne Cornish
  Kim Trudi Mackenzie
  Jake John McGrath
  Max Daryl Moran
  White Chorus Judith Breeze
    Margaret Boud
    Audrey Carruthers
    Maurine Hayward
    Linda Hewison
    Sandra Mann
    Helen Mills
    Rosemary Munro
    Barbara Riley
    Jean Riley
    Janice Smith
    Judith Smith
    Wayne Mitchell
    Eddie Porajski
    Errol Rowe
    Andrew Vial
    Alex Young
  Black Chorus Elva Barker
    Thelma Church
    Jocelyn Davidson
    Claire Dodd
    Margaret Duff
    Sue Kawecki
    Mary Lindsay
    Janet NewmanJoan Pearson
    Catherine Riley
    Mavis Smith
    Lynne Cornish
    Patrick Gleeson
    Dusty Lewis
    David Newman
    Greg Rekers
    Mark Rhodes
    Mark Sims
    Arthur Smart
    Daryl Moran
  Ballet Christine Hoffman
    Elaine Brimmell
    Kathier Robinson
    Sian Rodda
    Lindy Pearson
    Gillian Andrews
    Lee Minton
    Joanne Long
Team Set Painting Pat Morton
  Wardrobe Co-ordinator Hilary Moon
  Set Construction Co-ordinator Stan Riley
  Make Up Neil Weatherill
  Properties Joan Hooke
    Joan Keeley
  Ticket Secretary Isabel Myring
  Publicity and Promotions Pater Hart
    Barry Woodford
  Front of House Norma Macer
    Peter Moon
  Program Pater Hart
    Barry Woodford
  Wardrobe Trudi Mackenzie
    Terri Ovendon
    Elizabeth Palmer
    Betty Schlager
    Judy Kemp
  Backstage Veronica Ferguson
    Ron Kitchen
    Doug Ferguson
    Sean Kealey
    Tom Hooke
  Lighting Judy Sanders
    Ron Elliott
    Tom Hand
    Nigel Nettleship
  Hair Styles Janet Cocking
Orchestra Violins Irene Bulloch
    John Conyers
    Emerald Rangott
    Doris Boyce
    Ray Conyers
  Viola Heather Birrell
    Helen Varney
  Cello Erwin Matzner
  Double Bass Don More
  Flute/Piccolo Roger Bruce
  Oboe Betty Bond
  Clarinet Allan Tacon
    Ian Clapperton
  Bassoon Len Nurse
  Horn Greg Keogh
  Trumpet Lyndon Ledan
    Jeanette Shepherd
  Trombone Lorraine Shepherd
  Percussion Jeff McGuiness
  Piano Arch Dyer
Venue   Karingal High School