The Gondoliers

George Jenkins Theatre : May 19721972.1 - The Gondoliers


Brief Synopsis:

Set in The Piazetta, Venice, “The Gondoliers” opens with the chorus of Contadine awaiting Marco and Giuseppe Palmieri, their favourite gondoliers, to come and choose brides.

Enter the chorus of gondoliers, led by Antonio; they are selflessly content tp wait for the remaining girls. Marco and Giuseppe enter and they and the girls greet each other. They announce their intention of choosing two brides, but tactfully ask to be blindfolded so that fate can decide their choice. After a game of blind man’s buff, in which there is a certain amount of cheating, Marco catches Gianetta and Giuseppe catches Tessa.
The Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro, with their daughter, Casilda, and their attendant, Luiz, arrive. The Duke and Duchess tell Casilda that she was married, as a baby, to the infant future King of Barataria, who was abducted soon afterwards and brought to Venice. He has now unknowingly succeeded to the throne.
Immediately the Duke and Duchess have departed, Luiz and Casilda rush into each other’s arms and she tells him of her newly discovered marital status. The Grand Inquisitor of Spain arrives with the news that the new ruler of Barataria is here in Venice, living as a common gondolier with his supposed brother.
At their departure, the chorus enter, singing the joys of the newly celebrated double marriage. Don Alhambra overhears that Marco and Guiseppe are married and also that they are republicans. He explains that one of them is a king, but suggests royalty is incompatible with their republican ideals. In Gilbert’s world, however, ideals can quickly change with altered circumstances, so the gondoliers decide to sail immediately to claim their kingdom jointly and “abolish taxes and make everything cheap, except gondolas”. Don Alhambra forbids the girls to accompany them until the identity of the king is discovered. The gondoliers depart by boat leaving the contadine.
Act II sees Marco and Giuseppe ensconced, regally attired, in Barataria, busily cleaning the royal regalia and surrounded by their court of gondoliers who are amusing themselves without any social distinctions. On cue, Tessa and Gianetta run in, with the contadine. They are enthusiastically welcomed and are celebrating with a dance when they are interrupted by Don Alhambra, horrified at the brazen lack of social distinctions. He reveals that one of the two gondoliers is married to Casilda much to the horror of Tessa and Gianetta.
Finally all is resolved by Inez, the infant prince’s nurse who reveals the truth in true Gilbert and Sullivan style.



Production Team Director Bob Brewster
  Musical Director John Browning
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Arthur Mead
  Stage Manager Neil Weatharill
Design Team Wardrobe Mistress Brenda Orford
  Scenic Design Ian Ferguson
  Lighting Design Peter Hart
Cast Duke Bill McLorinan
  Marco Peter Stennet
  Guiseppe Robert McGregor
  Luiz Paul King
  Don Alhambra Jack Baker
  Francesco Graham Davey
  Antonio Bill McNeilly
  Annibale Vic Heaysman
  Giorgio Norm Smart
  Duchess Ella Lee
  Tessa Noelyne Godson
  Gianetta Liane Harris
  Casilda Audrey Carruthers
  Fiametta Jenny Bumpstead
  Vittoria Judy McLorinan
  Giulia Pamela McNeilly
  Inez Margaret Sawers
  Ballet Cheryl Tilley
  Sue Moore
  Christine Hoffman
  Catherine Riley
  Sue McCormack
  Anne Lawry
  Peter Hart
  Neil Weatherill
  John McCormack
  Roger Bata
  Contadine Sini Ross
  Janet Hand
  Teresa Ovenden
  Jean Riley
  Bettie Packham
  Joyce Brown
  Norma Macer
  Joan Dowling
  Beth Coops
  Judy Adams
  Hilary Moon
  Sue McCormack
  Hilary Morton
  Marissa Kennedy
  Dianne Lane
  Dawn Harris
  Sue Hooke
  Julia Taphouse
  Isobel Taylor
  Claudis Sipson
  Kae McMillan
  Jessica Hutton
  Betty Schlager
  Yvonne Slandley
  Margaret Fisher
  Gondoliers Jeff Hooke
  Tony Macer
  Harry McEwan
  John Langman
  Stephen Hartnell
  Leo Costermans
  Richard Latchford
  Leo Arnold
  John Duncan
  Steve Jones
Team Chorus Mistress Moira Robinson
  Scenic Construction Tom Hand
  Ron Elliott
  Scenic Artist Ian Ferguson
  Orchestra Convenor Margaret Baillie
  Properties Rhonda Horwood
  John McCormack
  Prompt Joan Keeley
  Rehearsal Pianist Nylma Carruthers
  Desma Sisson
  Marj Butler
  Sylvia Heaysman
  Front of House Rod Birch
  Sarnia Birch
  Ticket Secretaries Doris Baker
  Judith Aisbett
  Publicity and Promotions Peter Hart
  Program Design BernConlan
  Photographs Ron Daley
  Backstage Trevor Barson
  Denis Wiltshire
  John McCormack
  Tony Evans
  Doug Ferguson
  Ron Elliott
  Tom Hand
  Stephen Allridge
  Wardrobe Elizabeth Palmer
  Lighting Owen Marsh
  Richard Merrin
  Mark Smith
  Colin Tyrus
  Ian McLune
  Scenery Painting Bill Hartley
  Jamie Semmens
Orchestra 1st Violin Mustapha Abed
  Margaret Baillie
  Nellie Bryant
  John Conyers
  2nd Violin Doris Boyce
  Marie Cooley
  Ted Gruenberger
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Paul Mercer
  Bass Don Moore
  Clarinet Dave Parnell
  Kim Rushworth
  Oboe Ray Hestelow
  Bassoon Paul Barnden
  Trumpet Betty Shepherd
  Trombone Lorraine Shepherd
  Percussion Paul Farrugia
  Pianist Dorothy De La Rue
Venue Karingal High School