The New Moon

Karingal High School: October 19751975.2 - The New Moon

Brief Synopsis:

Robert is a young French aristocrat whose revolutionary inclinations force him to flee his country. He sells himself as a bond-servant to planter and ship owner Monsieur Beaunoir and his family in New Orleans. As the police of Paris are looking everywhere for him, Robert cannot tell Beaunoir or his beautiful daughter Marianne whom he has fallen in love with, that he is of noble blood. Eventually he is tracked down by Vicomte Ribaud, the detective villain, and put aboard The New Moon so that he can be deported back to France. Robert thinks he has been betrayed by Marianne, who has gained her father’s consent to travel on the same ship, pretending she is in love with Captain Duval. There is a mutiny but Robert takes charge and the bond-servants come into power. Everyone goes ashore on the Isle of Pines and a new republic is founded which flourishes under Robert’s guidance. But Marianne, her pride hurt, at first refuses to marry Robert. Then Vicomte Ribaud makes a final attempt to conquer the island for the King of France. He is surprised to hear from the French Commander that there has been a revolution in France, and that all aristocrats like himself must die unless they renounce their titles. While he, ever the Royalist, goes to his inevitable doom, there follows a happy reunion for Citizen Robert and Citizeness Marianne.







Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Jean Riley
  Stage Manager Neil Weatherill
Design Team Costume Design Wendy Morris
  Set Design Patricia Morton
  Lighting Director Bruce Morton
  Sound Design
  Make Up Design
Cast Julie Rhonda Horwood
  Beaunor Eddie Jones
  Captain Duval Gordon Lindsay
  Ribaud Don Jones
  Foucet Jim Veitch
  Robert Stephen Bird
  Alexander Bob Hursley
  Besac John Ashton
  Jacques Tony Evans
  Mariane Helen Sinden
  Philippe Bob Barr
  Doorkeeper Martyn Keeley
  Proprieter Arthur Smart
  Clotilde Margaret Grevsmnihi
  Admiral DeJean Martyn Keeley
  Ladies of the Chorus Elva barker
  Sally Blane
  Judith Breese
  Lois Brockley
  Ian Campbell
  Thelma Church
  Lynne Cornish
  Lorna Coulson
  Anne Dare
  Jocelyn Davidson
  Margaret Duff
  Maurine Hayward
  Linda Hewison
  Gail Hoggins
  Noel Jones
  Mary Lindsay
  Trudi Mackenzie
  Helen Mills
  Rosemary Munro
  Hilary Moon
  Janet Newman
  Bettie Packham
  Aileen Peacock
  Joan Pearson
  Jean Riley
  Lesley Scott-Smith
  Daniella Selir
  Wendy Shakeshaft
  Gentlemen of the Chorus Neil Barter
  Alan Coulson
  John Langman
  John McGrath
  Wayne Mitchell
  Peter Moon
  Keith Moran
  Nigel Nettleship
  Martin Platt
  Stan Riley
  Garry Sanders
  Mark Sims
  Rod Thornell
  Harry Willoughby
  Alex Young
  Ballet Cheryl Smart
  Christine Hoffman
  Terri Ovendon
  Sue Hooke
  Joanne Long
  Lynda Johnston
  Linda Pearson
Team Audio and Special Effects Owen Marsh
  Properties Celia Riley
  Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Rehearsal Pianist Arch Dyer
  Marj Butler
  Celia Riley
  Prompt Joan Keeley
  Publicity and Promotions Peter Hart
  Program Design Peter Hart
  Veronica Ferguson
  Ticket Secretary Isabel Myring
  Front of House Manger John Horwood
  Norma Macer
  Photographs Grant Kennedy
  Scenery Construction Stan Riley
  Clem Macer
  Ron Elliott
  Costumes Terri Ovendon
  Elizabeth Palmer
  Alice Jones
  Lighting Ron Elliott
  Rick Merrin
  Ken Pullen
  Scenery Painting Ron Elliott
  Margaret Nettleship
  Julie Wiltshire
  Backstage Audrey Curruthers
  Doug Ferguson
  John McCormack
  Tom Hooke
  Denis Wiltshire
  Ian Robertson
  Michael Brookes
  Tom Hand
  Ron Turner
  Ken Pullen
  Peter Brown
  Chris Weddall
  Bill Ramsay
  Properties Melinda Peebles
  Margaret Kerr
  Publicity and Promotions Barry Woodford
  Joan Pearson
Orchestra Violin Joy Boldiston
  John Conyers
  Irene Bulloch
  Doris Boyce
  Nellie Byant
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Helen Varney
  Cello Megan Garner
  (Double) Bass Earle Hunter
  Flute Roger Bruce
  Piccolo Roger Bruce
  Clarinet Ian Clapperton
  Allan Tacon
  Horn Greg Keogh
  Trombone Don Hale
  Lorraine Shepherd
  Trumpet Betty Shepherd
  Henry Bryant
  Jeanette Shepherd
  Percussion Ray Dorrington
  Pianist Arch Dyer
Venue Karingal High School