The Sound of Music

1979.3 - The Sound of MusicGeorge Jenkins Theatre : September 1979

Brief Synopsis

Maria is a sweet young postulant whose love of freedom makes it obvious to her superiors that she is not suited for religious life. Thus, she is sent off to be the governess to Captain von Trapp’s seven troublesome children. Unlike previous governess’, Maria becomes friends with the children due to their mutual love of music. Soon, even the strict Captain begins to admire Maria. Eventually, the Captain and Maria fall in love and are married. Unfortunately, when the Nazis invade their homeland, Austria, the whole family is forced to flee over the alps to escape.






Production Team Director Roger Adams
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Cheryl Annable
  Production Co-ordinator Jean Riley
  Stage Director John McCormack
  Stage Manager Alan Plumb
Design Team Costume Design Joan Pearson
    Lindy McCann
  Set Design Kel Pearson
  Lighting Director Bruce Morton
Cast Maria Rainer Trudi MCKenzie
  Sister Berthe Joan McDowell
  Sister Margaretta Lesley Langman
  Mother Abbess Marj Butler
  Sister Sophia Noelyne Godson
  Captain Von Trapp Geoff Harrison
  Franz – The Butler Brian harris
  Frau Schmidt Lorna Coulson
  Liesl Vicki Illingsworth
  Friedrich Ralph Mitchell
    Russell Hayward
  Louisa Helen Strickland
    Michell Cannon
  Kurt Peter Coulson
    Murray Brandon
  Brigitta Megan Munro
    Jo Anne De Goldi
  Marta Taryn Mudge
    Katrina Van Ree
  Gretl Ann Maree McCormack
    Karen Bassett
  Rolf Gruber Andrew Vial
  Elsa Schraeder Jacki Finn
  Max Detweiler Bill McNeilly
  Herr Zeller Mark Rhodes
  Baron Elberfeld Arthur Smart
  Postulant Wendy Shakeshaft
  Admiral Van Schrieber Andrew Watson
  Nazi’s Fred Birkinshaw
    David Hawkins
    Barry Hunt
    Geoff Nougher
    Mark Rhodes
    Trevor Smith
    Craig Rothwell
  Chorus Margaret Adams
    Deanna Ayres
    Karen Butters
    Megan Henderson
    Wendy Hinde
    Kerry Jeffries
    Sue Kaswecki
    Denise Keen
    Anne Logan
    Norma Lonsdale
    Rosemary Munro
    Sue Otto
    Barbara Peake
    Jean Riley
    Wendy Shakeshaft
    Janice Smith
    Judith Smith
    Rebecca Toovey
    Celia Vincent
    Mary Winterton
Team Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
  Sound Effects Owen Marsh
  Wardrobe Convenors Joan Pearson
    Lindy Pearson
  Painting Co-ordinator Pat Morton
  Properties Barbara Rothwell
  Children’s Co-ordinator Rhonda Horwood
    Kathy Page-Robertson
  Front of House Mark Sims
  Ticket Secretary Margaret Smith
  Publicity Mary Lindsay
    Sonya Dobson
  Program Design Isabel Myring
  Lighting Assistant Pat Morton
    Ron Gavin
    Craig Mason
    David Asker
    John Lewis
  Sound Assistant Craig Rothwell
    Tom Hooke
  Make Up Assistant Elaine Brimmell
    Wendy Mason
  Properties Assistant Andrew Vial
    Joanne Moloney
    Vivian Swanson
    Christine Coulson
Orchestra Violins John Conyers
    Irene Bulloch
    Doris Boyce
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Cello Erwin Matzner
  Bass Don More
  Clarinet Allan Tacon
    Ian Clapperton
  Flute & Piccolo Roger Bruce
  Trumpet Jim Gardiner
  Trombone Bill Post
  Horn Peter Gordon
  Percussion Angela Rogers
  Pianist Stewart Harness
Venue   George Jenkins Theatre