Whitehorse Inn

1972.2 - Whitehorse InnGeorge Jenkins Theatre : August 1972


Brief Synopsis

Head waiters of White Horse Inn have found that to fall in love with the attractive young widow who owns the establishment is a swift and certain route to dismissal. Yet none have been able to resist Josepha; least of all Leopold, the present incumbent. She, however, pines for Valentine Sutton, a regular visitor from England, and is resolutely blind to all the evidence that his thoughts for her are no more than warm friendship. Valentine’s annual visit is at hand, and by the same steamer arrive Ebenezer Grinkle, a self-made lad from Lancashire with plenty of brass, his sweet young daughter Ottoline, an impoverished Professor Hinzel and his gawky, lisping, but appealing daughter Gretel, and a dapper young man, Sigismund Smith (of Hammersmith). Sub-plots abound as Smith and Grinkle discover they are hated business rivals. Sutton (who is Smith’s solicitor) falls in love with Ottoline, and Smith with Gretel, while Leopold repeatedly threatens to resign and wish them all a last “Good-bye!” The subsequent arrival of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor serves at first only to add to the acrimonious chaos, but finally his kindly understanding and wisdom do much to bring about the statutory happy ending.


Production Team Director Ray Burgess
  Musical Director Basil Gleeson
  Choreographer Coralie Carson
  Production Co-ordinator Arthur Mead
Cast Kathi Isobel Taylor
  Karl Peter Moon
  Forester Richard Latchford
  Zenzi Marissa Kennedy
  Courier Tony Lewis
  Franz Peter Copon
  Leopold Robert McGregor
  Josepha Vogelhuber Dawn Harris
  The Steamer Captain Peter Hart
  Bridegroom John McCormack
  Bride Cherry Davis
  John Ebenezer Grinkle Rod Birch
  Ottoline Noelyne Godson
  Valentine Sutton Jim Barratt
  Sigismund Smith Arthur Mead
  Professor Hinzel Vic Heaysman
  Gretl Julia Taphouse
  The Mayor Stan Riley
  The Mayor’s Lady Secretary Barbara Rothwell
  The Emperor Martyn Keely
  Ketterel Peter Capon
  Landlord Peter Capon
  Ballet Sue Hooke
  Teresa Ovenden
  Christine Hand
  Sue McCormack
  Ann Lawry
  Christine Hoffman
  Debbie Keeley
  Catherine Riley
  Joanne Johnson
  Elizabeth Saunders
  Kate Fleming
  Sian Rodda
  Sheena Abercrombie
  Denise Lyon
  Angela Dodgshun
  Cheryl Annable
  Neil Weatherill
  John McCormack
  John Langman
  Peter Carew
  Ensemble Roger Bata
  Andrea Clarke
  Rhonda Horwood
  Elizabeth Seaman
  Jean Riley
  Barbara Riley
  Joyce Brown
  Bettie Packham
  Joan Pearson
  Edie Baldwin
  Lyn Ferguson
  Ann Parry
  Joan Hooke
  Audrey Carruthers
  Betty Schlager
  Beth Coops
  Hilary Moon
  Julia Power
  Kate McMillan
  Janet Hand
  Christine Woodall
  Sue Stewart
  Pauline Price
  Barbara Rothwell
  Mary Robson
  Lois White
  Jill Gilchrist
  Claudia Simpson
  Joan Nightingale
  Linda Le Moignan
  Sue Ward
  Judith Breese
  Mary Lindsay
  Philippa Slingsby
  Karl Vennemann
  lan Paine
  Tony Lewis
  Bill Kennedy
  Stephen Hartnell
  Peter Chaffey
  Denis Wiltshire
  Bern Conlan
  Leon Costermans
  Barry Woodford
  Peter Moon
  Richard Latchford
  Peter Capon
  Vic Heaysman
  Stan Riley
Team Lighting Rick Merrin
  Scenic Design/Artists Ian Ferguson
  Scenic Construction Paul King
  Tom Hand
  Ron Elliott
  Costume Design Bill Adams
  Wardrobe Mistress Ken Smith
  Ballet Costumes Margaret McGregor
  Orchestra Convenor Brenda Oxford
  Company Pianist Margaret Baille
  Rehearsal Pianist Dorothy De La Rue
  Properties Leon Costermans
  Sarria Birch
  Isabel Myring
  Prompt Sandy Hamilton
  Tickets John Keeley
  John Horwood
  Front of House Tom Hooke
  Bill McNeilly
  Promotions Manager Margaret Grevsmuhl
  Program Design Peter Hart
  Veronica Ferguson
  Peter Hart
  Backstage Isabel Myring
  Veronica Feruson
  Trevor Barson
  Tony Evans
  Michael Barson
  Philip Sanford
  Doug Ferguson
  John McCormack
  Tom Hand
  Ron Elliott
  Ross Hand
  Bill Adams
  Wardrobe Ian Robertson
  Elizabeth Palmer
  Norma Macer
  Glenys Osborne
  Lighting Win Fry
  Owen Marsh
  Clem Macer
  Bruce Morton
  Mark Smith
  Colin Tyrus
  Paul Mason
Orchestra Conductor Basil Gleeson
  Violins John Conyers
  Doris Boyce
  Nellie Bryant
  E. Rangoti
  Margaret Baillie
  Viola Heather Birrell
  Ted Gruenberger
  Cello Paul Mercer
  Double Bass Don More
  Clarinet Joy Farall
  Flute John Carey
  Vivien Egan
  French Horn Greg Keogh
  Trombone Lorraine Shepherd
  Trumpet Betty Shepherd
  Pianist Dorothy De La Ru
  Percussion Jim Shepherd
Venue: Karingal High School