1983.1 - CamelotGeorge Jenkins Theatre : April/May 1983


Brief Synopsis

The show opens hopeful enough with King Arthur nervously preparing to meet his new Queen, Guinevere. While initially, Guinevere tries to escape the marriage, the two young people soon fall in love, to the pleasure of Arthur’s wise tutor, Merlyn. In order to bring upon peace and stability in the kingdom, Arthur establishes the Knights of the Round Table. Included amongst these knights, is the most famous of them all, Lancelot. Soon, Lancelot and Queen Guinevere fall in love. Their affair is brought public with the help of Arthur’s evil illegitimate son Mordred and his aunt, the sorceress Morgan le Fey. As a result, peace ends and war breaks out in as Arthur’s troops fight Lancelot’s French army.


Production Team

Director Edward Hill
Musical Director Nigel Nettleship
Choreographer Jan Megna
Production Co-ordinator John Beaney
Stage Manager Joan Hooke
Assistant Stage Manger Mike Smith
Costume Design Jean Riley
  Alice Jones
Set Design Edward Hill
Lighting Director Bruce Morton
Assistant to Director Pam Dart
Assistant to Choreographer Pam Dart
Rehearsal Pianist Brenda Mullins
Lighting Operator Patricia Morton
Scenic Artist Patricia Morton
Set Design Assistant Patricia Morton
  John Beaney
Set Construction Len Marsh
Properties Wendy Raitt
  Celia Riuley
Program/Poster Alberto Salvato
Publicity Shirley Bowen
Sound Heather Birrell
Front of House Geoff Hinde
  Wendy Hinde
Ticket Secretary Sally Cross
Refreshments Lesley Hills
Gala Evening Wendy Shakeshaft
  Allan Burrows
Make Up Rhonda Horwood
Musical Assistants Heather Birrell
  Geoff Dart
  Reg Mullins
Organ Nigel Nettleship
Piano Brenda Mullins
Trumpets Max Lee
  Shane Walterfang


Sir Dinadan Robert McGregor
Sir Clarius Ross Huggard
Merlyn John Beaney
Arthur Robert Davies
Guenevere Elizabeth Coops
Nimue Joyce Harding
A Page Timothy McGregor
Lanceleot Kenyan Aymes
Squire Dap Gordan Barrow
King Pellimore Christopher Morton
Horrid George
Sir Lionel Chris Chatfield
Sir Sagramore Alberto Salvato
Lady Anne Joyce Harding
Lady Sybil Maree Mullin
Mordred Mark Bradley
Morgan le Fey Sonya Dobson
Ballad Singer Frank Cinaglia
Archbishop Frederick Birkenshaw
Tom/Warwick Nicholas Musgrave
  Andrew McGregor
  Ward Reid
  Matthew Sully
Lords Gordon barrow
  John Beaney
  Fred Birkenshaw
  Chris Chatfield
  Frank Cinaglia
  Anthony Douglass
  Ross Huggard
  Graeme McDougal
  Robert McGregor
  Allan Paul
  Alberto Salvato
  Keith Sully
Ladies Michelle Ames
  Shirley Bowen
  Sonya Dobson
  Joyce Harding
  Jenny Leslie
  Maree Mullin
  Yvonne McGuiness
  Virginia Reid
  Jean Riley
  Betty Schlager
  Heidi Traube
Pages Nicholas Musgrave
  Andrew McGregor
  Timothy McGregor
  Stephen Rait
  Ward Reid
  Matthew Sully
Dancers Michelle Barker
  Danee Lindsay
  Lesa Parnkam
  Karen Warrington
  Yvette EWilloughby
  Andrew Carroll
  Allan Paul