1982.2 - CarouselGeorge Jenkins Theatre : October 1982


Brief Synopsis:

After the mill girl, Julie Jordan, marries that handsome, but uncivilized carousel barker, Billy Bigelow, things turn sour for the couple. Billy cannot find a job and he and Julie are forced to live with their cousin, Nettie. Further, Billy has taken to using violence against her. Nevertheless, Julie continues to love her husband. Meanwhile, Julie’s best friend, Carrie Pipperidge has found a different kind of man. She is marrying Enoch Snow, a kind fisherman. In the end, after Billy discovers that Julie is pregnant, disaster strikes. In a desperate ploy for money, Billy’s friend, Jigger Craigin, convinces Billy to help him assault and rob David Bascombe, the mill owner. After this plan fails, Billy kills himself instead of spending the rest of his life in prison. Nevertheless, fifteen years later, Billy is allowed one more visit to Earth fifteen. He attempts to show his love for his daughter, Louise, and Julie – but he is unable. Even still, Julie can sense his love and Billy witnesses Louise graduating from high school. Dancing in the show requires some balet.




Production Team
Director Cid Elwood
Musical Director Cid Elwood
Choreographer Patricia Gough
Chorus Master Arch Dyer
Production Co-ordinator John Beaney
Stage Director Judi McCormack
Stage Manager Brett Wingfield
Costume Design Nerroli Cannon
Scenic Design John Beaney
Lawry Waldron
Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Make Up Design Kevin Doherty
Michael Round
Rehearsal Pianist Arch Dyer
Costume Assistant Janice Smith
Judith Smith
Alice Jones
Margaret Smith
Bonnie Saqndson
Don Timewell
Hats Jean Riley
Properties Wendy Raitt
Lighting Operator John McCormack
Ticket Secretary Sue Dyer
Ballet Captain Pam Dart
Sound Owen Marsh
Scenic Artist John Beaney
Lawry Waldron
Rari Cameron
Roman Novak
Muriel Martin
Construction Co-ordinator John Beaney
Construction Crew Keith Sully
Len Marsh
Program Marcia Watts
Front of House Bill McNeilly
Front of House Design Joan Pearson
Gala Night Joan Pearson
Publicity/Photographs Alan Plumb
John Beaney
Cover Design David Victor Minton
Tea Lady Joan Lewis
Attendance Beth Coops
Librarian Frank Cinaglia
Organist Geoff Dart


Clarissa Denise Keen
Linda Gillian Asker
Clown Hardie Jones
Bert John Ross
Lin Jasn Beck
Min Fiaona Hasrris
Carrie Pipperidge Yvonne McGuiness
Julie Jordan Trudi Mackenzie
Mrs Mullin Helen Jascobe
Billy Bigalow David Outrim
1st Policeman Chris Jones
David Bascome Stephan Bowen
Nettie Fowler Fay Brown
Enoch Snow Geoff Hinde
Jigger Craigin Frank Cinaglia
Arminy Pamela McNeilly
2nd Policeman John Langman
Captain Andrew Nelson
Heavenly Friend Alberto Salvato
Starkeeper Bradley Dart
Louise Miranda Salt
Teena Harper
Enoch Snow Jr Simon McCormack
School Principal Andrew Nelson
Dr Sheldon John Ross
Ensemble Elizabeth Coops
Dawn Harris
Wendy Hinde
Kerry Mann
Helen Mills
Lyn McCoy
Pamela McNeilly
Melba Papas
Jean Riley
Wendy Shakeshaft
Merran Stewart
Karen Towers
Fred Birkinshaw
Stephan Bowen
Allan Burhop
Brad Dart
Chris Jones
Hardie Jones
John Langman
Barry Matthews
John Ross
Alberto Salvato
Keith Sully
Graeme McDougal
Andrew Nelson
Carnival Leader Graeme McDougal
Carnival Troupe Hardie Jones
Gillian Asker
Jan Beck
Fiona Harris
Denise Keen
Ladies of Ballet Julie Bassett
Nicki Sansom
Debra Foster
Sarah Papdam
Kim White
Julie Bell
Terrie Wayside
Danee Lindsay
Gentlemen of Ballet Allan Burhop
Bradley Dart
Chris Jones
John Langman
Barry Matthews
Andrew Nel;son
John Ross
Ruffians Simon Bilsborough
Alex McNeilly
Snow Children Alexandra Beaney
Felicity Harris
Paul Harris
Jennifer McNeilly
Simon McCormack
Michaela Salvato
Damian Sully
Michelle Watts