1989.2 - Chicago

George Jenkins Theatre : April/May 1989

Brief Synopsis:

In roaring twenties Chicago, Roxie Hart, an ambitious chorus girl, murders her lover. She then convinces her gullible husband, Amos, that her lover was in fact a burglar. Amos agrees to take the rap until the police convince him that the burglar was in fact Roxie’s lover. Thus, Roxie goes to jail and joins another famous stage performer and murderess, Velma Kelly. Both Roxie and Velma are headline hunters seeking to capitalize on pre-trial publicity for the sake of acquittal and stage careers. In the end their tricky lawyer, Billy Flynn, manages to get both Roxie and Velma free. However, another woman shoots up the courthouse and steels the limelight – effectively ending the careers of both Roxie and Velma.



Production Team

Director/Choreographer Christine A’Bell
Musical Director Arch Dyer
Production Co-ordinator Stephanie Langman
Alberto Salvato
Stage Director Judi McCormack
Stage Manager Tonya McDougal
Rehearsal Assistant Tonya McDougal
Set Design Stephanie Langman
Rick Merrin
Pat Morton
Brett Wingfield
Costume co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Costume Design Rhonda Horwood
Lighting Director John McCormack
Sound Design Bruce Morton
Lighting Assistant Liz Beaney
Trevor Dixon
Ron Gavin
Set Construction Derek Berry
George Currie
Frank Hamill
Bill McGowan
Alan Watkins
Brett Wingfield
Set Painting Pat Morton
Costume Assistant Christine Brown
Wendy Campbell
Robyn Cross
Val Hede
Lindy McCann
Robyn McKenzie
Trudi Mackenzie
Pam Mcneilly
Joan Pearson
Sue Salvato
Sound Operators Bill McGowan
Alberto Salvato
Properties Chris Fredrikson
Fay Hammill
Tickets Robyn McKenzie
Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
Arch Dyer
Front of House Mark Loft
Sue Loft
Program Muffy Erdstein
Norman hocking
Publicity Muffy Erdstein
MakeUp Sue Salvato
Audition Secretary Monica Toussaint
Gala Night Managers Bill McNeilly
Marcia Watts
Photographer Doug Brown
Librarian Monica Toussaint
Rehearsal Refreshments Helen Coops
Doreen sparks
Windcheater Design Muffy Erdstein
Conductor Arch Dyer
Keyboard Bev Woodford
Trumpet 1 Julie Reilly
Trumpet 2 Sue Commer
Clarinet/Alto Sax Megan Philip
Clarinet/Tenor Sax Anthony Fernando
Trombone Stephen Reilly
Percussion Trent Pickup
Bass Guitar Todd Richardson


Master of Ceremonies Stephanie Langman
Velma Kelly Heather Blyth
Roxi Hart Lea Bromley
Fred Casely Neil Fuller
Amos Hart Norman Hocking
Sergeant Fogarty David Smith
Liz Miranda Barber
Annie Jennifer Scott
June Muffy Erdstein
Hunyak Kirrily Green
Mona Tiffany Panther
Matron Fay Brown
Billy Flynn Owen Collier
Mary Sunshine Demean Jones
Go-to-Hell Kitty Marissa Tunks
Harry Roland Leschinski
Aaron Craig Taplin
Court Clerk Paul Sinclair
Prosecutor Aaron O’Brien
The Judge Roland Leschinski
Dancers Brent casey
Vanessa Harvey
Heidi Dixon
Amelia McLeod
Kim Mayor
Aaron O’Brien
Daryl Stevenson
Craig Taplin
Monica Toussant
Ensemble Joanne Corbel
Lorna Dudley
Neil Fuller
Justin Green
Brian land
Roland Leschinski
Yvonne McGuiness
Alex McGuiness
Sharon parnaby
Paul Sinclair
David Smith
Marissa Tunks
Kim Webster