Fiddler on the Roof

1981.2 - Fiddler on the RoofGeorge Jenkins Theatre : October 1981


Brief Synopsis

Attempting to live a normal life filled with Jewish traditions in early twentieth century Russia, Tevye , a dairyman, is searching for appropriate husbands for his three eldest daughters – Tzeital, Hodel and Chava. In a break of tradition, his daughters refuse to accept the wishes of the matchmaker, Yente, and their father. Instead, the marry men that they love. Meanwhile, Russians are instigating terrible pogroms against the Jewish people in Russia. In the end, the Jews of Anatevka are forced to leave their homes and Tevye is determined to start a better life in a new land.


Production Team

Director Nina Cooke
Musical Director Arch Dyer
Choreographer Patricia Gough
Production Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
Stage Director Judi McCormack
Stage Manager Alan Plumb
Costume Design Peta Griffin
Set Design Pat Morton
Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Assistant Stage Manager John Langman
Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
Scenic Artist Pat Morton
Set Construction Len Marsh
Properties Leslie Hill
Wardrobe Assistant Andrew Vial
  Geoff Nougher
Ticket Secretary Veronica Ferguson
Frnt of House Lesley Langman
  Les Wilkinson
Gala Evening Manager Dawn Mau
Make Up Donna Houston
  Nik Dorning
  Deanna Ayres
  Julie Myers
  Nikki Mau
Program John Beaney
Photographs John Beaney
  John McCormack
Publicity John Beaney
  Joan Pearson
Violins Joy Boldiston
  Margaret Conyers
  Irene Bulloch
  Dors Boyce
Viola Heather Birrell
Cello Erwin Matzner
Double Bass Bill Clark
Flute/Piccolo Rose Stephens
Clarinet Meg Crocker
  Chris Morris
Trumpet Jim Gardiner
  Max Lee
Trombone Ken Brown
Percussion Angela Rogers
  Guy Ayres
Piano Meredith Armstrong


Tevye, The Milkman Alan Coulson
Golde, His Wife Elizabeth Coops
Tzeitel Lucia Yurkiv
Hodel Lisa McGregor
Chava Helen Stickland
Shprintze Lanni McKenzie
Bilke Alexandra Beaney
  Michaela Salvato
Yente, The Matchmaker Sue Dyer
Motel, The Tailor Geoff Hinde
Perchilk, The Student Stephen Mclardie
Lazer Wolf, The Butcher John Beaney
Mordcha, The Innkeeper Edward Hill
Rabbi Steve Bowen
Mendel, His Son John Simngleton
Avram, The Boookseller Fred Birkinshaw
Nahum, The Beggar Keith Sully
Grandma Tzeitel Noelyne Godson
Frumah-Sarah Yvonne McGuiness
Shandel, Motel’s Mother Lorna Coulson
The Fiddler David Clemence
Villagers Christine Coulson
  Anne Logan
  Dawn Harris
  Wendy Hinde
  Joan Hooke
  Wendy Hughes
  Kerri Jeffries
  Cheryl Mann
  Megan Paton
  Kirin Pavey
  Monica Pragnell
  Elisa Pullen
  Barbara Rothwell
  Janice Smith
  Judith Smith
  Ian Bunyan
  Michael Bayley
  Peter Coulson
  Carl Elston
  Russell Haywood
  Ralph Marrison
  John McCormack
  Bill McNeilly
  Geoff Nougher
  John Parsons
  Kendrick Pavey
  Michael Pavey
  Alberto Salvato
  Rodney Smith
Fyedka Andrew Vial
Constable Alan Burhop
Russian Priest Alan Plumb
Sasha Rodney Smith
Russian Soloist Bill McNeilly
Dancers Monica Pragnell
  John McCormack
  Alberto Salvato
  John Singleton
  Rodney Smith