Half A Sixpence

1982.1 - Half  a SixpeceGeorge Jenkins Theatre : April/May 1982


Brief Synopsis

Arthur Kipps, an orphan, lives and works with other apprentices for the cruel draper, Mr. Shalford. After learning that he is inheriting a fortune, Arthur tries to join the upper class and gets engaged to the wealthy Helen Walsingham. Soon, though, Arthur realizes that his true love is his childhood sweetheart, Ann. Eventually Arthur loses all of his newfound wealth but still marries Ann and lives happily ever after.



Production Team

Director Nina Cook
Musical Director Claudia Barker
Production Co-ordinator Alan Burhop
Stage Director Judi McCormack
Stage Manager Brett Wingfield
Costume Design Jean Riley
Set Design John McCormack
  Alberto Salvato
Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Assistant Stage Director Alberto Salvato
Stage Crew Trevor Smith
  Alan Plumb
  Rex Asker
  John Langman
Lighting Assistants Nikki Mau
  Vicki Gibson
  Glenn Llyod
  Leigh Turner
  Rick Merrin
Costume Assistant Pam McNeilly
  Alice Jones
  Arthur Smart
Properties Wendy Rait
Scenic Artist Nikki Mau
Set Construction Co-ordinator Alan Burhop
Set Construction Assistant Alberto Salvato
  Len Marsh
  Simon Thompson
Front of House Judy Davis
Front of House Assistant Stephen Bowen
  John Langman
Gala Night Noelyne Godson
Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
Rehearsal Pianist Leon Costerman
Sound Owen Marsh
Make Up Artist Donna Houston
Make Up Assistant Julie Myers
  Deanna Ayers
Ticket Secretary Margaret Smith
Advance Mailing Secretary Sue Dyer
Publicity John Beaney
  Simon Thompson
Program John Beaney
Librarian Geoff Nougher
Violins Ron Fasllow
  Ray Conyers
Viola Heather Birrell
Cello Erwin Matzner
Double Bass Ken Brown
Clarinet/Flute Jeff Meade
  Helen Strickland
Trumpet Jim Gardiner
Trombone Paul Pascoe
  Fred Rook
Percussion Keith Morgan
Piano Leon Costerman


Arthur Kipps Bradley Dart
Sid Pornick Rodney Smith
Buggins Geoffrey Hougher
Pearce Andrew Nelson
Carshot Warren Coops
Flo Bates Yvonne McGuiness
Kate Jenny Hartley
Victoria Joanne Denereaz
Emma Martine Pavey
Mr Shalford Fred Birkinshaw
Mars Walshingham Jean Riley
Mrs Botting Dawn Harris
Ann Pornick Denyse Worboys
Helen Walsingham Gwen Lavin
Young Walsingham Allan Burhop
Chitterlow John Beaney
Laura Gillian Asker
Edith Janice Smith
Mr Jones Craig McNamara
Caroline Judith Smith
Olive Kerri Mann
Mary Elisa Pullen
Sue Loretta Smith
A Photographer Frank Cinaglia
Reporter Simon Thompson
Gwendolin Wendy Hughes
Dancers Gillian Asker
  Fiona Harris
  Jennifer Lavin
  Kelly Mudge
  Alberto Salvato
Chorus Rex Asker
  Shirley Bowen
  Frank Cinaglia
  Beth Coops
  Christine Coulson
  Sheryl Coulson
  Jenny Daniels
  June HewitWendy Hindet
  Sue Kawecki
  Jennifer Lavin
  Keith Moran
  Wayne Raitt
  Keith Sully
  Jenny Wellington
  Jan Williams