Hello Dolly

1987.1 - Hello DollyGeorge Jenkins Theatre : May 1987


Brief Synopsis:

In Hello, Dolly!, Dolly Levi, the well-known matchmaker, attempts to find herself a husband in the wealthy Horace Vandergelder. Meanwhile, she matches together a rich widow, Irene Molloy with Vandergelder’s employee, Cornelius Hackl. She also sets up Molloy’s assistant, Minnie, with Cornelius’s assistant, Barnaby. Further, she matches the poor artist, Ambrose, with Vandergelder’s niece, Ermengarde. In the end, after a ruckus at an upscale restaurant and a court case, Dolly convinces Vandergelder to marry her and all is well.






Production Team
Director/Choreographer Christine A’Bell
Musical Director Arch Dyer
Production Co-ordinator Eileen Green
Stage Manager Brett Wingfield
Assistant Stage Manager Stephanie Langman
Costume Design Jean Riley
Set Design Pat Morton
Lighting Director John McCormack
Assistant Choreographer Sue Salvato
Scenic Artist Pat Morton
Set Construction Frank Hammil
Neville Bond
Backstage Crew Todd Martin
Michael Tong
Nick Ford
Andrew Ford
Steven Hammil
Properties Jennie Leslie
John Ross
Special Effects Neil Shilton
Lighting Crew Ron Gavin
Trevor Dixon
Costume Assistants Judith Kemp
Margaret McGregor
Beth Coops
Bryce McMillan
Sheila Swanborough
Bev Stephenson
Jean Hood
Lorna Pryor
Make Up Faye Hammil
Front of House Helen Anthony
Margaret Weighell
Gala Night Edward Hill
Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
Grant Kennedy
Program Design Edward Hill
Photographs Stuart Bryce
Publicity Doreen Sparks
Booking Office Lesley Hill
Advanced Bookings Arch Dyer
Sue Dyer
Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
Librarian Monica Toussaint
Conductor Arch Dyer
Piano Arch Dyer
1st Trumpet Julie Reilly
2nd Trumpet Sue Commer
Trombone Stephen Reilly
Alto/Sax Clarinet Matthew Bertram
Tenor/Sax Clarinet Anthony Ferano
Bass Guitar Todd Richardson
Percussion John Hall


Dolly Levi Fay Brown
Ernestina Money Pam McNeilly
Ambrose Kemper Brett Young
Horace Vandergelder Norm Smart
Ermengarde Joanne Britton
Cornelius Hackl Grant Kennedy
Barnaby Tucker Daryl Stevenson
Minnie Faye Christine Andrews
Irene Molloy Helen Mills
Rudolph Alberto Salvato
Stanley Bryce McMillan
Cook Bill McNeilly
Judge Neil Shilton
Clerk of Court John Ross
Policeman Andrew Van Nooten
Chorus Louise bailey
Shirley Bowen
Maureen Bryce
Lynne Chipperfield
Beth Coops
Heidi Dixon
Rhonda Horwood
Sue Kawecki
Marion Maurnian
Kirin Pabvey
Elisa Pulllen
Carol Roach
Margaret Shilton
Merran Stewart
Monica Toussaint
Karen Towers
Marissa Tunks
Fred Birkinshaw
Russell Hammill
Robert Harvey
John Keane
Bryce McMillan
Bill McNeilly
Andrew Van Nooten
Fred Pezzimenti
John Rault
John Ross
Alberto Salvato
Neil Shilton
Rick Thopr
Les Wilkinson
Jon Wilcock
Alan Watkins
Ballet Sarah Bradford
Monica Delany
Catherine Flood
Chris Fredrikson
Sarah Jefferson
Kim Mayor
Sheri O’Neill
Robyn Pryor
Michaela Salvato
Cheryl Smart
Terrie Wayside
Carolyn Zylstra
Bryce McMillan
Fred Pezzimenti