How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

1980.2 How To Succeed In Business Without Really TryingGeorge Jenkins Theatre : October 1980


Brief Synopsis

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is as story about the triumph of the common man. The hero is a window washer named J. Pierrepont Finch. After Finch happens upon a book entitled ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, he decides to begin his rise up the corporate ladder. Following the instructions of the book, Finch lands a job in the mailroom at the World Wide Wicket Company. With the help of his handy book, Finch quickly gains promotions and outsmarts his rival, Frump – who also happens to be the boss’s nephew. Finch then gains the love of Rosemary, a secretary at the company. In the end, however, after Finch’s ad campaign goes awry, the book can no longer help him. He is forced to rely on his own wits and performs so admirably that he is promoted to Chairman of the Board.

Production Team

Director/ Choreographer Alan Burrows
Musical Director Chris Morris
Production Co-ordinator Stan Riley
Stage Director Judi McCormack
Stage Manager John McCormack
Costume Design Diana Helbig
Scenic Design Kel Pearson
Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Scenic Artist Kel Pearson
Scenic Construction Don Wall
  Kel Pearson
Wardrobe Mistress Trudi McKenzie
Wardrobe Assistant Linda Hewison
Program Kel Pearson
Properties Lyn Hawkins
Call Girl Noelyne Godson
Orchestra Convenor Heather Birrell
Rehearsal Pianist Meredith Armstrong
Ticket Secretary Margaret Smith
Front of House Judy Davies
Publicity and Promotions Jill Visowski
Photographs Stan Visowski
  John McCormack
Properties Assistant Lorna Coulson
  Jenny Lee
  Jean Riley
Publicity and Promotions Joan Pearson
Lighting Assistants Jenny Robinson
  David Asker
  Kate Pyle
  Leigh Turner
  Helen Strickland
  Lew Higgins
  Craig Mason
  David Ridley
Conductor Chris Morris
Violins Joy Boldiston
  John Conyers
  Heather Birrell
Cello Erwin Matzner
Double Bass Bill Clark
Reeds Martin West
  Meg Crocker
  Rose Stephens
  Geoff Earle
Trumpets Jim Gardner
  May Lee
  Phillip Ryan
Trombones Ken Brown
  Peter Foley
Percussion Guy Ayres
  Andrew Williams
Piano Meredith Armstrong


Finch Stephen McLardie
Gatch John Langman
Jenkins Andrew Vial
Tackaberry Frank Filippone
J. B. Biggley Jim Cain
Rosemary Wendy Mason
Bratt Allen Wood
Smitty Marianne Dalla Costa
Frump Geoff Harrison
Miss Jones Celia Vincent
Mr Twimble Ross Huggard
Hedy Sheila Davidson
Miss Krumholtz Helen Mills
Toynbee Peter Wynne
Ovington Mark Dalla Costa
TV Announcer Andrew Vial
Policeman Alan Paul
Womper John Langman
Singers Deanna Ayres
  Gillian Asker
  Jenny Hartley
  Jill Visnowski
  Carmel Huggard
  Kerri Jeffreys
  Penny McLean
  Lorraine Pearson
  Yvonne McGuiness
  Cheryl Mann
  Sally Sharman
  Janice Smith
  Judith Smith
  Fred Birkinshaw
  David Gaffney
  Geoff Nougher
  Allan Paul
  Trevor Smith
  Peter Wynne
  Alberto Salvato
Dancers Jan Beck
  Jayne Carroll
  Tina Higgins
  Kelly Mudge
  Lindy Pearson
  Monica Pragnall
  Susan Thompson
  Janet Ulmer