img. 1986 Oklahoma

George Jenkins Theatre : 1986


Brief Synopsis:

The classic musical is the story of Laurey and the two rivals for her affections: Curly, a cowboy, and Jud, the hired farmhand. The play takes place in 1906 in an Indian territory of the American West during the time when Oklahoma was established as a state. It tackles class issues between the farmers and the cowmen in the still-developing, rugged landscape of a state in its infancy as characters struggle to find hope, love and the fulfillment of “the American Dream.” It is also a romantic tale of love. Curly and Laurey both have feelings for each other but have difficulty expressing it because of their stubbornness. Just to spite Curly, Laurey accepts an invitation to the local dance from the evil Jud Fry. Eventually, Curly and Jud duel it out, with Jud ending up falling on his own knife and dying. Meanwhile, Will Parker has returned early from his trip to Kansas City. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Ado Annie, just can’t seem to say no to other men. All turns out well in the end as both couples end up happily married.



Production Team
Director Edward Hill
Musical Director Arch Dyer
Choreographer Patty Gough
Stage Manager Brett Wingfield
Assistant Stage Manger Stephanie Douglass
Costume Design Margaret McGregor
Set Design Edward Hill
Lighting Director John McCormack
Scenic Artist Pat Morton
Assistant to Director Stephanie Douglass
Set Construction Russell Hamill
Frank Hamill
Lighting Operators Trevor Dixon
Program, Publicity Doreen Sparks
Chrisd Fredrikson
Photographs Grant Kennedy
Posters Richard Forrest
Tickets Lesley Hill
Properties John Ross
Make Up Faye Hamill
Advance Bookings Arch Dyer
Sue Dyer
Front of House Managers Joan Hooke
Alberto Salvato
Sue Salvato
Gala Night Marcia watts
Rehearsal Pianist Elizabeth Beaney
Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
Conductor Arch Dyer
Piano Arch Dyer
Keyboard Elizabeth Beaney
Percussion Kendrik Pavey
Bass Guitar Todd Richardson
Trombone Stephen Reilly
Trumpet Julie Riley
Clarinet Darren Smayles


Aunt Eller Eileen Green
Curly John Langman
Laurey Christine Ashman
Ike Skidmore Brad Graham
Slim John Keane
Will Parker Bradley Dart
Fred Robert Harvey
Cord Elam Rick Thorpe
Jud Fry Les Wilkinson
Ado Annie Carnes Kim Harvey
Ali Hakim Norm Smart
Gertie Cummings Sally Rangott
Vivienne Helen Mills
Andrew Carnes Bill McNeilly
Townsfolk Barbara Alsop
Louise Bailey
Michael Ball
Margot Britton
Lynne Chipperfield
Karina Cunningham
Heidi Dixon
Yvonne Donovan
Paula Francis
Chris Fredrikson
Robert Harvey
Lyn Hudson
Paul Jewson
John Keane
Robyn McKenzie
Pam McNeilly
Helen Mills
Elisa Pullen
Stewart Sharpe
Rohan Shearn
Shirley Smith
Daryl Stevenson
Andrew Van Nooten
Jon Woolcock
Brett Young
Ballet Debbie Foster
Kim Mayor
Sarah Jefferson
Robyn Pryor
Sherrie O’Neill