1987.2 - Oliver

George Jenkins Theatre : October 1987


Brief Synopsis

Oliver Twist is a young boy who lives in a workhouse with other orphaned boys. When Oliver disrupts a meal by asking for more, he is sold to a local undertaker and his family. They treat Oliver horribly and make him sleep under the coffins. Oliver escapes and runs off to Paddington Green, where he quickly befriends another young boy, the Artful Dodger. Dodger takes him to his home, an academy for orphans who learn how to be pick-pockets run by a kind, yet slightly sinister, old gentleman named Fagin. Oliver is also introduced to Nancy Sikes, a lovable young woman, and Bet, Nancy’s best friend. When Oliver goes on his first pick-pocketing job, he is caught by the police. The man that Oliver thieved, Mr. Brownlow, learns of Oliver’s sad past and brings him into his own home. Meanwhile, Nancy’s husband (the villainous Bill Sikes) worries that Oliver will tell Mr. Brownlow and the police where the thieves live. He forces Nancy and Bet to snatch Oliver from Mr. Brownlow’s house and take him back to Fagin’s. Nancy does everything her husband tells her to but plans on secretly taking Oliver back to Mr. Brownlow. Before she can do so, Bill finds out of his wife’s plans, and murders her. He then goes after Oliver, but is shot and killed. Oliver and Mr. Brownlow, who turns out to be Oliver’s grandfather, return safely home.


Production Team

Director Edward Hill
Musical Director Ross Gairn
Choreographer Sue Salvato
Production Co-ordinator Stephanie Langman
Stage Manager Bret Wingfield
Stage Director Stephanie Langman
Set Concept Design Edward Hill
Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Directors Assistant Kylie Hill
Properties John Ross
Chris Fredrikson
Neil Shilton
Lighting Assistants Dominique Traube
John McCormack
Mike Smith
Trevor Dixon
Set Consultants Pat Morton
Kel Pearson
Construction Drawings Brett Wingfield
Graphics Eileen Green
Set Construction Frank Hammill
Alan Watkins
John Lemarrec
Alberto Salvato
Brett Wingfield
Scenic Artist Doug Ferguson
Pat Morton
Stephanie Langman
Brett Wingfield
Rehearsal Pianist Ross Gairn
Costumes Margaret McGregor
Trudi Mackenzie
Make Up Fay Hammill
Make Up Consultant Bill McLorinan
Program Design Eileen Green
Publicity Doreen Sparks
Jennie Leslie
Photography John McCormack
Jane McGregor
Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
Arch Dyer
Ticket Secretary Greta Thorp
Front of House Margaret Weighell
Gala Night Pam McNeilly
Marcia Watts
Gala Night Catering Dekaby Catering
Librarian Monica Toussaint
Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
Margaret Weighell
Pianist Ross Gairn
Trumpet Julie Reilly
Trombone Steven Reilly
Flute Danny Thompson
Clarinet/Sax Darren Smayles
Bass Guitar Todd Richardson
Percussion Craig Carnie


Oliver Twist Sean Ross
Work House Boys/Fagin’s Gang Phillip Beaney
Brent Casey
Samuel Gledhill
Benjamin Greenwell
Mark Hammill
Jamie Loveday-Davies
Peter Lownden
Andrew Mackenzie
James Mackenzie
Matthew McGregor
Stewart Sharpe
Adam Wallace
Daniel Wallace
Aaron Woolcock
Rebecca Bulmer
Kirsty Loveday-Davies
Kirsten Smart
Lyndel Smart
Mr Bumble Bill McNeilly
Widow Corney Jackie Clayton
Mr Soweberry Alan Watkins
Mrs Sowerby Monica Toussaint
Charlotte Louise Taylor
Noah Claypole David Cross
The Artful Dodger Brett Young
Londoners Vicki Bishop
Melissa Brodie
Jackie Clayton
Roby Hart
Debbie Low
Marion Mournian
Margaret Redmond
Margaret Shilton
Louise Taylor
Monica Toussaint
Fred Birkinshaw
David Cross
Rob Davies
Shaun Harper
Bill McNeilly
Neil Shilton
Gary Simpson
Norm Smart
Daryl Stevenson
Alan Watkins
Fagin Don Wallis
Nancy Christine Davies
Bet Debbie Low
Mr Brownlow Neil Shilton
Bill Sykes Roderick Lee
Mrs Bedwin Vicki Bishop
Dr Grimwig Norm Smart
Old Sally Margaret Shilton
Old Man Fred Birkinshaw
Rose Seller Monica Toussaint
Strawberry Seller Gary Simpson
Long Song Seller Daryl Stevenson
Milk Maid Marion Mournian
Knife Grinder Alan Watkins