South Pacific

1984.1 South PacificGeorge Jenkins Theatre : May 1984


Brief Synopsis

It’s World War II and the US army has stationed a base on a South Pacific island. Soon, a young nurse, Nellie Forbush, falls in love with a middle-aged French plantation owner, Emile de Becque. The two have a troubled romance as Nellie slowly discovers the details of de Becque’s past. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Cable arrives to head a mission to create a spy post on a Japanese-held island. Bloody Mary, the island souvenir dealer, sets Cable up with her daughter, Liat. After Cable refuses to marry the girl, Bloody Mary drags her away to find a new suitor. Soon, Cable must begin his dangerous mission. After considerable thought and pressure, de Becque agrees to be Cable’s guide. In the end, Cable dies but de Becque survives and will live a life of happiness with Nellie.

Production Team

Director Sonya Dobson
Musical Director Kevin Hillier
Production Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
Stage Manager Mike Smith
Stage Director Fred Birkinshaw
Costume Design Joan Hooke
Set Design Pat Morton
Lighting Director Bruce Morton
Set Construction Pat Morton
Scenic Artist Pat MortonJ
Ticket Secretary Betty Schlager
Properties Jean Riley
Rehearsal Pianist Celia Riley
Front of House Management John Langman
Gala Night Management Lesley Hill
  Edward Hill
Publicity, Program, Posters Dawn Harris
  Darryl Chambers
  Alberto Salvato
Make Up Rhonda Horwood
Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
Sound Effects Barry Coaker
Lighting Operators John Beaney
  Trevor Dixon
  Ron Gavin
Photography Peter Scholes
Special Production Assistants Jenny Leslie
  Kath Woods
  Beth Coops
  Simone Smith
Conductor Kevin Hillier
Piano Celia Riley
Organ J. Wright
Clarinet/Saxophone K. McCallum
  T. Ekin
Trumpet P. Thomsen
Trombone O. Andrews
Electric Bass G. Sander
Percussion R. Reid


Ngana Domonique Traube
  Angela Beauchamp
Jerome Andrew Tunks
  Paul Beauchamp
Henri Mark Sims
Ensign Nellie Forbush Sue Salvato
Emile De Becque Barry Woodford
Bloody Mary Barbara Rothwell
Luther Billis David Smith
Stewpot Michael Bayley
Professor John M Ross
Lt. “Kiwi” Adams Christopher Morton
Lt. Joseph Cable Roy Beauchamp
Commander William Harbison Len Seal
Capt. George Brackett William Shaw
Yeoman Herbert Quale Michael Martin
Liat Kim Whiter
Radio Operator McCaffrey Leigh Vial
Sgt. K Johnson Frank Cinaglia
Seabee M Wise Carl Elston
Seaman T Bruino Alberto Salvato
Marine Cpl. H Steeves Andrew Carroll
Pte. V Jerome Graeme McDougall
Pte S Larsen Peter Wyatt
Lt. Genevieve Marshall Jennie Ward
Ensign Lisa Manelli Helen Mills
Ensign Connie Walewska Janelle McDonald
Ensign Janet McGregor Elis Pullen
Ensign Bessie Noonan Chris Fredrikson
Ensign Pamela Whitemore Marissa Tunks
Ensign Rita Adams Rebecca Sims
Ensign Sue Yaegar Merran Stewart
Ensign Betty Pitt Tonya High
Ensign Cora MacRae Engeline Glasser
Ensign Dinah Murphy Wendy Hinder
Ensign Alice Day Heidi Traube
Islanders Annet Bunn
  Heather Cook
  Dawn Harris
  Lyn Hudson
  Jenny Leslie
  Jacqueline Pratt
  Wendy Raitt
  Rebecca Sims
  Elaine Stukas
French Wives & Daughters Alexandra Beaney
  Elizabeth Coops
  Sheryll Coulson
  Lynette Cuthbertson
  Carole Golden-Brown
  Kerry Mann