The King & I

img. 1986 The King & I

George Jenkins Theatre : April/May 1986


Brief Synopsis

It’s the 1860’s and the Western world is closing in on Siam. Hoping to give his family the necessary knowledge to survive in this New World, the King of Siam hires for his children a British governess, Anna. At first, Anna and the King struggle to find common ground between Siam and British attitudes. Soon though, the two opposites fall in love. Meanwhile, Tuptim and Lun Tha have a hidden romance even though Tuptim belongs to the King.






Production Team Director Edward Hill
  Musical Director Arch Dyer
  Choreographer Jan Megna
  Production Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
  Stage Manager Alberto Salvato
  Assistant Stage Manager Brett Wingfield
    Mike Smith
Design Team Costume Design Jean Riley
  Set Design John Beaney
    Fred Ross
  Lighting Director John Beaney
Cast Louis Leonowens Tim McGregor
  Captain Orton Michael Bayley
  Anna Leonowens Trudi Mackenzie
  The Interpretor Jon Woolcock
  The Kralahome Norm Smart
  The King Alan Coulson
  Phra Alak Brad Grahame
  Lun Tha Michael Dyer
  Tuptim Sophie Viskich
  Lady Thiang Eileen Green
  Price Chululongkorn Mark Hammill
  Sir Edward Ramsay Grant Kennedy
  Royal Wives Louise Bailey
    Alex Beaney
    Elizabeth Coops
    Lorna Coulson
    Christine Fredrikson
    Rika Everaert
    Patricia Leech
    Rosemary Munro
    Judy Pye
    Virginia Reid
    Betty Schlager
  Priest, Slaves Brent Casey
    Simon Chard
    Scott Elks
    John Rault
    Tim Schneider
    Rohan Shearn
    Brett Young
  Royal Children Philip Beaney
    Cindy Calvert
    Corinna Dixon
    Marcus Dixon
    Kristen Kennedy
    Andrew Mackenzie
    David Mackenzie
    James Mackenzie
    Melinda McCormack
    Matthew McGregor
    Sarah McLorinan
    William Munro
    Krysha Renison
    Becky Rowe
    Lyndel Smart
    Romany Smith
    Leanne Spence
    Daryl Stevenson
    Adam Wallace
Team Set Construction John Beaney
    Fred Ross
  Scenic Artwork Pat Morton
    Roman Nowak
  Lighting Operator Ron Gavin
    John McCormack
  Costumes Jean Riley
    Betty Schlager
    Heather Bird
    Alice Jones
    Judy Kemp
  Make Up Loreda Martin
  Properties Pam McNeillly
  Poster Design Grant Kennedy
  Program Grant Kennedy
  Photographs Grant Kennedy
  Tickets Kylie Hill
    Lesley Hill
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
    Arch Dyer
  Rehearsal Pianist Celia Riley
  Front of House Manger Bill McNeilly
  Gala Night Organizer Sue Salvato
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
Orchestra Conductor Arch Dyer
  Piano Arch Dyer
  Keyboard Celia Riley
  Bass Guitar Todd Richardson
  Percussion Kendrick Pavey
Venue   George Jenkins Theatre