1991.1 - AnnieGeorge Jenkins Theatre : May 1991


Brief Synopsis:

Abused by a cruel orphanage matron, Annie, a spunky, redheaded orphan, decides to run away and find her parents. After eventually managing to escape the orphanage, she sadly is caught and sent back by Officer Ward of the NYPD. Soon though, her luck improves. Billionaire Oliver Warbucks decides to invite an orphan over to his house for Christmas and Annie is chosen. The two quickly hit it off and he agrees to help Annie find her parents by putting up a $50,000 reward. Miss Hannigan’s brother, Rooster, and his girlfriend, Lily, pretend to be Annie’s parents by using information provided by Miss Hannigan. At the last minute, President Roosevelt intervenes to announce that the FBI has discovered that Annie’s parents are in fact, dead. In the end, Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily are all arrested and Annie is adopted by Warbucks.




Production Team Director Clive Hearn
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Choreographer Sue Salvato
  Stage Director Stephanie Langman
  Stage Manager Ron Lyon
Design Team Costume Design Joan Hearne
  Set Design/Scenic Artist Pat Morton
  Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Cast Molly Christine Barlow
  Amy Paice
  Pepper Emma Dyer
  Duffy Hayley O’Rourke
  July Megan Martheze
  Tesie Lauren Rumbelow
  Annie Kaylene Cook
  Angela Temple
  Miss Hannigan Sally McLean
  Lieutenant Ward Jon Cocks
  Grace Farrell Catherine Maloney
  Drake Neil Shilton
  Mrs Greer Jennie Leslie
  Mrs Pugh Margaret Shilton
  Oliver Warbucks Norm Smart
  Rooster Hannigan Peter Wyatt
  Lily St Regis Pixie Jones
  Bert Healey Norman Hocking
  Franklin D. Roosevelt David Smith
  Orphans Ursala Alquien
  Melissa Bayley
  Bianca Bleazby
  Casey-Lee Crabtree
  Kirsty Loveday-Davies
  Natalie Deninson
  Trisha Douglas
  Elsa Douglas
  Heather Stonier-Gibson
  Katherine Graham
  Jessica Jones
  Tegan King
  Elspbeth King
  Michelle Leslie
  Tegan King
  Michelle Leslie
  SarahMc Craig
  Nicole Mournian
  Jodi Raynes
  Kristy Raynes
  Simone Toussaint
  Catherine Vincent
  Kahlie Woodford
  Shannon Woodford
  Chorus Michael Bayley
  Ross Campbell
  Alison Crawford
  Jon Cocks
  Natasha Frith
  Sam Ghanem
  Engelina Glasser
  Vanessa Harvey
  Coral Kelly
  Jennie Leslie
  Amelia Macleod
  Rodney McQuie
  Paul Mathews
  Julie Paice
  Craig Paice
  Angela Phillips
  Mark Raynes
  Tabnya Richmond
  Sarah Saffery
  Daniel Salvato
  Karen Darcy-Searle
  Lyndel Smart
  Kirsten Smart
  Daryl Stevenson
  Michelle Stoneman
  Candice Taylor
  Monica Toussaint
  Matthew Woodford
Team Set Construction Derek Berry
  Bill McGowan
  Costume Assistants Dawn Cook
  Joan Pearson
  Robyn Rumbelow
  Debbie Williams
  Brett Wingfield
  Stage Assistants Tracy Campbell
  Doug Ferguson
  John Gaulke
  Bob Paice
  Haydn Young
  Lighting Assistant David Asker
  Graeme McDougal
  Rick Merrin
  Domonique Traube
  Blocking Chris Fredrikson
  Properties Lynne Chipperfield
  Elaine Hillier
  Kirsty Morton
  Make Up Lorna Dudley
  Tiffany Panther
  Rehearsal Pianist Arch Dyer
  Sue Parker
  Ballet Captain Sarah Safferey
  Mother Hen Sue Dyer
  Tickets Chris Davies
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
  Arch Dyer
  Front of House Lea Bromley
  Eileen Green
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Publicity Norman Hocking
  Program Norman Hocking
  Photographer Doug Drown
  Audition Secretary Monica Toussaint
  Rehearsal Refreshments Al Brown
  Doreen Sparks
  Librarian Monica Toussaint
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Flute/Piccolo John Jones
  Clarinet/Alto Sax Megan Phillip
  Clarinet/Tenor Sax Trevor Cartwright
  First Trumpet Julie Reilly
  Second Trumpet Brad Inman
  Trombone Brendan Elliget
  Percussion Damian Outtrim
  Bass/Banjo Peter Veltmann
  Piano Arch Dyer
  Keyboards Sue Parker
Venue George Jenkins Theatre