Anything Goes

1998.1 - Anything GoesFrankston Cultural Centre : October 1998


Brief Synopsis

The S.S. American, sailing from New York to England, carries an unusual group of passengers. Included amongst them are a gangster (Moonface Martin), a wealthy debutante and her mother (Hope and Evangeline Harcourt), a nightclub singer (Reno Sweeny), and a wealthy New York businessman and his stowaway assistant (Elisha Witney and Billy Crocker). It turns out that Hope is Billy’s long-lost love. Unfortunately, she is now engaged to a wealthy Englishman, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. After a series of comedic happenings, Billy manages to win back Hope. Meanwhile, Billy’s friend, Reno, manages to seduce and win Lord Evelyn. All this happens while Moonface Martin attempts to escape the law and Hope’s mother strives to maintain her social status.





Production Team Director Andrew Guthrie
  Musical Director Luke Hunter
  Choreographer Terrie wayside
  Production Manager Colin Armstrong
  Stage Manager Alberto Salvato
Design Team Set Design/Scenic Artist Pat Morton
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Lighting Designer Chris Lewis
  Sound Design Greenland Audio
Cast Purser Steven Robson
  Captain Ian ball
  Whitney Dave Wearne
  Billy Matt Woodfordd
  Ching Emma Dyer
  Ling Lauren Rumbelow
  Reno Jenni Elmer
  Mrs Harcourt Shirley Bowen
  Hope Jenny Webby
  Lord Evelyn Adam Rafferty
  Bonnie Tracy Campbell
  Moonface Barry Woodford
  Angels Tahlia Birnbaum
    Vanessa Harvey
    Jamie Knol
    Jodie Langdon
    Michelle Nicol
    Anna Paterson
    Kristy Raynes
    Marni Watson
  Quartet Benedict Appleby
    Alex Bannister
    Damien Stevens
    Mark Webber
  Female Ensemble Karen Bassett
    Emma Clancy
    Heidi Dixon
    Brandi galpin
    Sue Kawecki
    Jennie Leslie
    Trish McMahon
    Lorraine Pearson
    Jodi Raynes
    Robyn Rumbelow
    Dominique Traube-O’Connor
    Andrea Treweek
  Male Ensemble Darren Baker
    Roderick Byrnes
    Kevin Cassels
    Andrew Dale
    Andy Donnelly
    Marty Donnelly
    Chris Hawthorne
    Robert King
    Mark Raynes
    Michael Steffanetti
Team Assistant to the Choreographer Kristy Raynes
  Assistant Stage Managers Jodie Wood
    Doug Ferguson
  Lighting Operator Ron Gavin
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
    Bev Woodford
  Set Construction Kevin Cassels
    Kel Pearson
    Robert Lovelace
    Bill McGowan
    Alberto salvato
    Peter Grauskausas
  Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
  Costume Assistants Jannette Raynes
    Sue salvato
    Lindy McCann
    Joan Pearson
  Properties Rhonda Horwood
  Properties Assistant Steven Tong
  Audition Secretary Robyn Rumbelow
  Promotions Michael Fletcher
    Luke Hunter
  Program Michael Fletcher
  Program Assistants Brett Wingfield
    Adam Rafferty
    Robyn Rumbelow
  Publicity Marketing Michael Fletcher
    Luke Hunter
    Jenni Elmer
  Windcheaters Kristy Raynes
  Photography Doug Brown
  Make Up Julie Shorten
    Sue Salvato
  Green Room Manager Joan Pearson
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
  Transport Manager Colin Armstrong
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Front of House Co-ordinator John Rumbelow
  Mailing List Sue Dyer
  Company Tickets Sue Dyer
  Backstage Crew Mike Alford
    Kathy Campbell
    Ross Campbell
    Peter Grusauskas
    Lawrence Kendall
    Andrew Hicks
    Robert Lovelace
    Craig Paice
    David Piggott
    Lucas Roberts
    Angie Temple
    Steven Tong
Orchestra Conductor Luke Hunter
  Reeds Andrew Mathers
    Andrew Corbel
    Tristan Hall
    Geoff Earle
  Trumpets Darren Shepherd
    John Lucas
    Nathan Post
    Andrew Hall
  Trombone Jeff Facey
    Bill Post
    Gordon Crompton
    Steven Miclie
  Violin Anne Bereldsen
  Piano Bev Woodford
  Guitar Ryan Munro
    Kevin Ridout
  Percussion Cindy taylor
    Keith Morgan
    Bill Fisher
Venue   Frankston Cultural Centre