1996.2 - BarnumFrankston Cultural Centre : Oct/Nov 1996


Brief Synopsis

Barnum tells the story of the Prince of Humbug, Phineas Taylor Barnum. Over the objections of his wife, Charity, Barnum attempts to create a show in which the main attractions are freaks of society. Included in this mix of characters includes the oldest women alive, Joice Heth, the smallest man in the world, Tom Thumb, and to top it all off, a glamorous Swedish opera singer, Jenny Lind. Eventually, to appease Charity, Barnum agrees to give up the show and start a normal life. In the end, after Charity dies, Barnum returns to the circus business in grand fashion by forming a partnership with James A. Baily. Thus, the two men form The Greatest Show on Earth.





Production Team Director/Choreographer Erik Rinkel
  Musical Director Simon Stone
  Production Co-ordinator Luke Hunter
  Stage Manager Paul Belli
Design Team Lighting Designer Chris Lewis
  Set Design Alberto Salvato
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Sound Design Murray Tregonning
Cast Phineas Taylor Barnum Michael Fletcher
  Charity Barnum Belinda Griffiths
  First Clown Alex McLean
  Second Clown Allison Griffiths
  Ring Master Georgia Tate
  Strongman/Templeton Stephan Bowen
  Lyman/Second Woman Lea Bromley
  Joice Heth/James A Bailey Tom Coulson
  Amos Scudder Luke Hunter
  Sherwood Stratton David Himmelfard
  Mrs Stratton/First Woman Julie Fincham
  Tom Thumb Brodie Cragg
  Goldschmidt/Morrissey Adrian Birrell
  Jenny Lind Natalie Lewington
  Concertmaster Colin Armstrong
  Wilton/sad Clown Eddie Perfect
  Blues Singer Shirley Bowen
  Uni-cycling Fire Eater Neil Anderson
  Verna the Village Idiot Jackie Ruddock
  Ensemble Meliza Ballerini
    Bryn Bowen
    Ruth Bowen
    Danielle Burke
    Bosco Chan
    Briony Croft
    Kerry Frankland
    Myfanwy Hodgson
    Jacinta Kleisterlee
    Peg laidlaw
    Carly Laughton
    Amelia Macleod
    Trish Mcmahon
    Gael McNaughton
    Claire Perrott
    Zoe Rinkel
    Lynne Tabram
    Jennifer White
    Janette Wyke
Team Company Captain Jackie Ruddock
  Lighting Operator Chris Lewis
  Rehearsal Pianist Simon Stone
    Sue Fletcher
    Luke Hunter
    Andrea Lee
  Head Flyman Jason Bourne
  Scenic Artist Painting Alberto Salvato
  Station and Museum Prop Pat Morton
  Set Dressing Scott Hili
    Sue Salvato
    Lindy McCann
    Robyn Rumbelow
  Set Construction Kel Pearson
    Bill McGowan
    Alberto salvato
  Costume Co-ordiantor Bret Wingfield
  Props Julie Paice
    Amy Paice
    Jodie Langdon
  Lighting Assistant David Banen
    Mike Smith
    Scott Winrow
  Cast Ticket Bookings Robyn Rumbelow
  Audition Secretary Lorraine Pearson
  Program Artwork Michael Fletcher
  Publicity/Promotions Chris Davies
    Luke Hunter
  Photography Doug Brown
  Make Up Lorraine Robinson
    Megan Birch
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
  Transport Manager Bob Paice
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Front of House Co-ordinators Chris Davies
    Rob Davies
  Mailing List Co-ordinators Sue Dyer
    Arch Dyer
  Backstage Crew Matt Woodford
    Craig Paice
    Bob Paice
    Harry Szommer
    Darren Baker
    Scott Winrow
    Youarn Bell
    Andrew Guthrie
    Wendy Bent
    Clare Collins
    Michelle Pollock
    Vanessa Harvey
    Angela Temple
    Danika Barnett
    Jenny Scott
    Danny Thorne
    Lisa van den Burg
    Simon Cottrill
    Cameron Brown
Orchestra Conductor Simon Stone
  Flute/Piccolo Ruth Hall
  Reeds Helen Vidovich
    Andrew Corbel
    Darren Howard
    Andrew Mathers
  Trumpets Darren Shepherd
    John McCorkelle
    Michael Hamilton
  Trombone Gordon Crompton
    Mark Mason
    Bob McIntosh
  Tuba Alwaynne Strentz
  Piano Jeremy Martin
  Keyboard Andrea Lee
  Guitar/Banjo Kevin Ridout
  Bass Guitar Mark Halwell
  Drum Kit Keith Morgan
  Percussion Christine Baker
Venue   Frankston Cultural Centre