1992.2 - CabaretGeorge Jenkins Theatre : October 1992


Brief Summary:

As the Nazis begin their rise to power in Germany in the late 1920s, American writer Clifford Bradshaw visits Berlin. After making a few friends and finding housing, Clifford visits the sleazy Kit Kat Club and meets an English singer, Sally Bowles. The writer and singer soon fall in love. Meanwhile, Clifford’s elderly landlord, Fraulein Schneider, gets engaged to a Jewish greengrocer, Herr Schultz – not an easy decision given the increasing influence of the Nazis. Soon, Clifford discovers that he has been inadvertently helping the Nazis by delivering packages to Paris for a German friend of his, Ernst Ludwig. Clifford ends up deciding to return to the United States but Sally, after aborting their baby, decides to remain in Berlin.




Production Team Director Damian Jones
  Musical Director Lynette Bridgland
  Choreographer Vanessa Bate
  Production Co-ordinator Marissa Tunks
  Stage Director Judi McCormack
  Stage Manager Doug Ferguson
Design Team Assistant to the Director Angela Russell
  Set Design Kel Pearson
  Bill McGowan
  Scenic Co-ordinators Brett Wingfield
  Justin Green
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Cast Emcee Michael Fletcher
  Waiters Scott Hili
  Andrew Tunks
  Simon Cottrill
  Carey La Bas
  Clifford Bradshaw Neil Goodwin
  Ernst Ludwig Peter Grasauskas
  Customs Officer David Smith
  Fralein Scneider Jayne Copeland
  Fraulein Kost Kim Webster
  German Sailor Simon Cottrill
  Herr Schultz George Foster
  Girl on Telephone Catherine Munday
  Sally Bowles Caz McLean
  Max David Paterson
  Taxi Man Mike Preston
  Two Ladies Yvonne McGuiness
  Catherine Munday
  Sailor Andrew Tunks
  Solo Tenor Alex McGuiness
  Sailors Chris Hawthorne
  Gorilla Harry Szommer
  Kit Kat Girls Kelli Danger
  Leonie Elliott
  Kirrily Green
  Cathy Flood
  Melanie Foster
  Tanya Grierson
  Jacqueline Ibbot
  Sally Anne John
  Jan Read
  Kim White
  Chorus Will Alexander
  Heather Cook
  Simon Cottrill
  Chris Hawthorne
  Scott Hili
  Carey Le Bas
  Alex McGuiness
  Yvonne McGuiness
  Lauren McIlwrath
  Paul Matthews
  Cindy Maughan
  Marion Mournian
  Catherine Munday
  Debra Olney
  Diana O’Malley
  David Paterson
  Lorraine Pearson
  Mike Preston
  David Smith
  Harry Szommer
  Andrew Tunks
  Heather Williams
Team Rehearsal Co-ordinator Rosemary Stonier-Gibson
  Set Construction Kel Pearson
  Bill McGowan
  Peter Grasaukas
  David Copeland
  Eric Tunks
  Marissa Tunks
  Robyn Rumbelow
  David Paterson
  Brett Wingfield
  Company Members
  Scenic Artist Justin Green
  Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
  Costume Assistant Robyn Rumbelow
  Joan Pearson
  Lindy McCann
  Lyn Hudson
  Chris Fredrikson
  Melissa Jack
  Stage Crew Bob Paice
  Richard Porta
  David Copeland
  Rosemary Stonier-Gibson
  Michael Stonier-Gibson
  Joarn Bell
  Campbell Clarke
  Karen D’Arcy Searle
  Norm Smart
  Kirsten Smart
  Lisa Amblett
  Lauren Rumbelow
  Emma Dyer
  Lighting Assistant John McCormack
  Graeme McDougall
  Sally McLean
  Candice Taylor
  Michael Bates
  Audio Operators Alan Male
  Karen Allen
  Properties Julie Paice
  Lyndel Smart
  Special Properties Neil Shilton
  Downstairs Manger Eileen Green
  Tickets John Rumbelow
  Robyn Rumbelow
  Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
  Front of House Sam Graham
  Natalie Graham
  Publicity and Program Sally McLean
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Parker
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
  Arch Dyer
  Front of House & Display Doreen Sparks
  Program Photographer Lee Molinaro
  Front of House Photographer Doug Brown
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
  Al Brown
Orchestra Conductor Lynette Bridgland
  Reed Rob Wallace
  Vivienne Tait
  Andrew Corbel
  Geoff Earle
  Trumpet Paul Raddczyk
  Ruth Woodley
  Trombone Paul Dodge
  Denise Dodge
  Tuba Sue Bradley
  Percussion Monica Wescombe
  Pianist Sue Parker
  Keyboard Greg Plant
Venue George Jenkins Theatre