Me and My Girl

1997.1 - Me and My GirlFrankston Cultural Centre : May 1997


Brief Synopsis

The show revolves around an unapologetically unrefined cockney gentleman named Bill who learns that he is the 14th heir to the Earl of Hareford. However, he will only receive his inheritance if Sir John and the Duchess approve of him. The Duchess feels that with a little grooming, Bill will be suitable to inherit the title – and the money. However, she insists that Bill break up with his cockney girlfriend, Sally. Bill refuses to accept the title if cannot keep Sally as his girl. Eventually, Sally is groomed to become more lady-like. Thus, Bill is allowed to inherit the title and keep his girl.





Production Team Director Andrew Guthrie
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Choreographer Vanessa Harvey
  Production Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
  Stage Manager Paul Belli
Design Team Costume Design Lindy McCann
  Set Design Kel Pearson
  Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Cast Bill Snibson Michael Cook
  Sally Smith Miranda Lawrence
  Lady Jaqueline Carstone Jenni Elmer
  Gerald Bollingbroke Adam Rafferty
  Maria, Duchess of Dene Sue Dyer
  Sir John Tremayne Dave Wearne
  Herbert Parchester Scott Winrow
  Lord Batterby Bob Paice
  Lady Batterby Cindy McMahon
  Sir Jasper Tring Bill McNeilly
  Charles Hethersett David Copeland
  Lady Brighton Yvonne McGuiness
  Bob Barkin Daryl Stevenson
  Mrs Brown Trish McMahon
  Celia Worthington-Worthington Lorraine Pearson
  Constable Colin Armstrong
  Lady Diss Pam McNeilly
  Pearly King Daryl Stevenson
  Pearly Queen Lea Bromley
  Ensemble Mike Alfred
    Joel Ambre
    Colin Armstrong
    Adam Copeland
    Joanne Corbel
    Heidi Dixon
    Marcus Dunn
    Emma Dyer
    Kerry Frankland
    Sam Graham
    Helen Hancock
    Sue Kawecki
    Jennie Leslie
    Cindy Maughan
    Alex McGuiness
    Marion Mournian
    James Osmond
    Lorraine Pearson
    Lauren Rumbelow
    Robyn Rumbelow
    Julie Shorton
    Dominic Traube-O’Connor
    Tim Warren-Smith
    Adam Wood
  Dancers Catherine Barnett
    Angela Jenkins
    Jodie Langdon
    Amelia McLeod
    Kirstin Morton
    Julie Paice
    Kirsten Smart
    Marni Watson
    Kylie Wolsgrove
Team Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
    Marie-Lise Rodriguez
  Assistant Stage Manager Leane Maddren
  Floor Manager Billl Maddren
  Head Flyman Matt Woodford
  Lighting Operator Ron Gavin
  Back Drop Painting Patricia Morton
  Set Dressing and Painting Brett Wingfield
  Sound Designer Rick Merrin
  Set Construction Kel Pearson
    Bill McGowan
  Costume Assistants Joan Pearson
    Brett Wingfield
    Sue Dyer
    Jayne Copeland
    Pam McNeilly
    Michelle Pollock
    Robyn Rumbelow
    M. Boothman
    Cindy McMahon
  Props Lisa van den Berg
  Props Assistants Ginny Smith
    Lisa Jackson
  Lighting Assistants Mike Smith
    Chris Lewis
    Amber Hulls
    John McCormack
  Portrait Painting Rhonda Horwood
  Cast Ticket Bookings Luke Hunter
  Audition Secretary Robyn Rumbelow
  Program Michael Fletcher
  Program Assistant Sue Fletcher
  Publicity/Promotions Michael Fletcher
    Scott Winrow
    Luke Hunter
    Alberto Salvato
    Andrew Guthrie
    Jenny Elmer
    Adam Rafferty
  Photographer Doug Brown
  Make Up Leanne Robinson
  Posters Michael Fletcher
  Windcheaters Jennie Leslie
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
    Al Brown
  Transport Manger Bob Paice
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Mailing List Co-ordinators Sue Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher
  Backstage Crew Darren Baker
    Michael Bennet
    Jodie Wood
    Clint Wood
    Michelle Pollock
    Danny Thorne
    Andrew Hicks
    Ross Campbell
    Danika Barnett
    Craig Paice
    Peter Jenkins
  Orchestra Convenor Keith Morgan
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Violin 1 Anne Beruldsen
  Reed 1 James Bradley
  Reed 2 Andrew Corbel
  Reed 3 Helen Vidovich
  Reed 4 Ben Abraham
  Trumpet 1 Darren Shepherd
  Trumpet 2 Steven Kellock
  Trumpet 3 John McCorkle
  Trombone Bob McIntosh
  Guitar/Banjo Kevin Ridout
  Harp Kristina Johnson
  Percussion Cindy Taylor
  Drum Kit Keith Morgan
  Bass Sofie Emery
  Keyboard 1 Sue Fletcher
  Keyboard 2 Marie-Lise Rodriguez
  Keyboard 3 Liz Urlich
Venue   Frankston Cultural Centre