My Fair Lady

1992.1 - My Fair LadyGeorge Jenkins Theatre : April/May 1992


Brief Synopsis

‘My Fair Lady’ tells the story of the over-confident Professor Higgins and his experiment that attempts to transform a cockney girl, Eliza, into a proper-speaking lady. Higgins and his friend Colonel Pickering make great progress with the girl and even take her to the horse races and a grand ball. Nevertheless, they still treat Eliza as a mere experiment and not as a human being. When Eliza runs away, Higgins realizes that she is more than just an experiment; indeed he is in love with the girl.






Production Team Director/ Choreographer Christine A’Bell
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Production Co-ordinator Justin Green
  Stage Director Sue Salvato
  Stage Manager Alberto Salvato
Design Team Costume Design Jean Riley
  Set Design/Scenic Artist Pat Morton
  Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Cast Busker Scott Dowling
  Mrs Eynsford Elizabeth Coops
  Eliza Doolittle Candice Taylor
  Freddy Eynsford-Hill Michael Fletcher
  Colonel Pickering Bruce McBrien
  A Bystander Scott Dowling
  Professor Henry Higgins Tony Morton
  Selsey Man Bill McNeilly
  Hoxton Man Dennis Green
  Another Bystander Clive Horton
  First Cockney Barry Woodford
  Second Cockney Colin Marshall
  Third Cockney Scott Dowling
  Fourth Cockney Bill McNeilly
  Bartender Dennis Green
  Harry Bill Lord
  Jamie Michael Clayton
  Alfred P. Doolittle Rick Thorpe
  Mrs Pearce Eileen Green
  Mrs Hopkins Lea Bromley
  Butler Paul Fisher-White
  Servant Karen Darcy Searle
    Janice Fisher-White
    Clive Horton
    Jenny Leslie
    Daryl Stevenson
    Margaret Shilton
    Scott Winrow
  Mrs Higgins Sue Dyer
  Charles John Ross
  Footman Barry Woodford
  Lord Boxington Neil Shilton
  Lady Boxington Margaret Shilton
  Constable Daryl Stevenson
  Flower Girl Sally Butler
  Zoltan Karpathy Adrian Birrell
  Queen of Transylvania Cindy McMahon
  Mrs Higgin’s Maid Karen Darcy Searle
  Angry Man Michael Bayley
  Angry Woman Barbara Howden
  Dancers Laura A’Bell
    Nicole Anson
    Lisa Cechomski
    Leonie Elliot
    Renee Holland
    Vanessa Harvey
    Amelia Macleod
    Jenny McNeilly
    Rebecca McMullin
    Sheradin O’Neill
    Julie Paice
    Lisa Peters
    Carianne Smith
    William Alexander
    Simon Cotterill
    Scott Doling
    Carety La bas
    Daryl Stevenson
    Harry Szommer
    Scott Winrow
  Singers Lea Bromley
    Sally Butler
    Jayne Copeland
    Karen Darcy Searle
    Janice Fisher-White
    Sally Henderson
    Barbara Howden
    Jaquline Ibbot
    Jennie Leslie
    Cindy McMahon
    Lorraine Pearson
    Valerie Roper
    Margaret Shilton
    Julie Shilton
    Susan Thwaites
    Marissa Tunks
    Michael Bayley
    Simon Cotterill
    Scott Dowling
    Paul Fisher-White
    Dennis Green
    Peter Grausauskas
    Clive Horton
    Bill McNeilly
    Colin Marshall
    Neil Shilton
    Daryl Stevenson
    Robert Walker
    Scott Winrow
    Barry Woodford
Team Set Construction Manager Kel Pearson
  Set Assistants Peter Grausauskas
    Bill McGowan
    Rosemary Stonier-Gibson
    Harry Szommer
  Costume Co-ordinator Jean Riley
  Production Assistant Rosemary Stonier-Gibson
  Properties Sophie A’Bell
    Chris Fredrikson
    Ross Gavin
    Faye Hammill
    Kirsten Morton
    John Ross
  Tickets Greta Thorpe
  Front of House John Rumbelow
    Robyn Rumbelow
  Publicity Sally McLean
    Bob Paice
    Marissa Tunks
  Costume Assistants Sue Dyer
    Lisa McRae
    Cindy McMahon
    Pam McNeilly
    Jo Shorton
    Julie Shorton
    Nicole Vickers-Willis
    Brett Wingfield
  Assistant Stage Manger Doug Ferguson
    Richard Porta
  Lighting Assistant Graeme McDougal
    Tonya McDougal
    John McCormack
  Special Properties Neil Shilton
  Make Up Tracy Campbell
  Downstairs Manager Judi McCormack
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Parker
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
    Arch Dyer
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Audition Secretary Chris Fredrikson
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
    Al Brown
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Piano Synthesizer Sue Parker
  Synthesizer Greg Plant
  Flute/Piccolo Kylie Shaw
  Clarinet Megan Phillip
  Clarinet II Julie Hung
  Basoon/Saxophone/French Horn Shane Simpson
  Trumpet I Julie Reilly
  Trumpet II Kathleen McGuire
  Trombone Stephen Reilly
  Bass Guitar/String Bass Todd Richardson
    Reave Moloney
  Percussion Cindy Taylor
Venue   George Jenkins Theatre