Sweet Charity

1998.1 - Sweet ChariityFrankston Cultural Centre : May 1998


Brief Synopsis

Charity Valentine is the eternal optimist. While working at the seedy Fan-Dango ballroom, she is often taken advantage of and continually experiences bad relationships. Finally, she seems to have met a decent fellow in Oscar. Trying to hide her true profession, she lies to him and tells her that she works in a bank. Soon, Oscar asks Charity to marry him. Unfortunately, Oscar discovers Charity’s real profession and backs out of the marriage. Nevertheless, Charity continues to remain hopeful that good things will happen in her life.





Production Team Director/Choreographer Sue Salvato
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Production Manager Alberto Salvato
  Stage Manager Paul Belli
Design Team Set Design Alberto Salvato
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Lighting Design Stuart Clark
  Sound Designer Rick Merrin
  Make Up Design Rhonda Horwood
    Sue Salvato
  Scenic Artist Alberto Salvato
Cast Charity Miranda Lawrence
  Oscar Like Hunter
  Nicky Celia Bradbury
  Helene Jenni Elmer
  Vittorio Vidal Adam Rafferty
  Ursala Jenny Scott
  Daddy Brubeck Michael Fletcher
  Herman Stephan Bowen
  Jamie Wendy Bent
  Carmen Lea Bromley
  Suzanne Colleen Cooper
  Gloria Justine Marshman
  Patsy Rebecca McCann
  Dolores Anna Meadows
  Roxanne Michelle Mirklis
  Elaine Kristy Raynes
  Frenchie Kirsten Smart
  Betsy Karina Stroot
  Mary Jo Suzanne Zammit
  Company Ian Ball
    Darren Baker
    Cameron Brown
    Ross Campbell
    Emma Clancy
    Leanne Deedman
    Emma Dyer
    Nerissa Gray
    Lawrence Kendall
    Deneta Kovacevic
    Jodie Langman
    Amelia MacLeod
    Alex McGuiness
    Yvonne McGuiness
    David Piggott
    Michelle Pollock
    Mark Raynes
    Lauren Rumbelow
    David Smith
    Michael Steffanetti
    Damien Stevens
    Angela Temple
    Marni Watson
    Matthew Woodford
Team Assistant to the Director Wendy Bent
  Co Director Wendy Bent
  Assistant Stage Manager Leane Maddren
    Jodie Wood
  Floor Manager Bill Maddren
  Head Flyman Craig Paice
  Lighting Operator Stuart Clark
  Lighting Assistant Ron Gavin
    Mike Smith
    Chris Lewis
    Neville West
    Sharon McCurdy
  Sound Operator Stephanie Langman
    Dominic Salvato
  Set Construction Bill McGowan
    Kel Pearson
    Alberto Salvato
    Brett Wingfield
    Robert Lovelace
    Peter Grausauskas
    Andrew Hicks
  Set Painting Alberto Salvato
    Brett Wingfield
    Luke Hunter
    Trish McMahon
    Mark Raynes
    Bill McNeilly
    Jenni Elmer
    Anna Meadows
    Jodie Langdon
    Paul Belli
    Miranda Lawrence
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
  Elevator Design Bill McGowan
  Backdrop Pat Morton
  Car Images Kirsten Smart
  Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
  Costume Assistant Joan Pearson
    Lindy McCann
  Bunting Robyn Rumbelow
  Properties Linda Deanne
    Lori Ellis
    Gwenda McComb
  Audition Secretary Robyn Rumbelow
  Program Design/Layout Michael Fletcher
  Publicity/Promotions/Marketing Michael Fletcher
    Jenni Elmer
    Luke Hunter
    Sue Dyer
    Adam Rafferty
    Norm Smart
  Assistant to Miranda Lawrence Lindy McCann
  Male Dance Captain Adam wood
  Abseil Harness Frazer Yendell
  Windcheaters Kristy Kendall
    Alberto salvato
  Photography Doug Brown
  Make Up Judi McCormack
    Sue Salvato
    Rhonda Horwood
    Janet Gledhill
    Julie Shorten
    Dawn Mau
    Jodie Wood
    Tracy Campbell
    Kathy Campbell
    Vanessa Harvey
  Hair Stylist Kerry Frankland
    Sue Salvato
    Tracy Campbell
    Justine Marshman
  Flyers/Posters Michael Fletcher
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
  Transport Manager Bob Paice
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Front of House Co-ordinator Bill McNeilly
  Mailing List Sue Dyer
  Cast Tickets Sue Dyer
  Backstage Crew Janelle Atkinson
    Andrew barron
    Stuart Birrell
    Kathy Campbell
    Vanessa Harvey
    Andrew Hicks
    Mirandah Schroder
    Alana Stanley
    Scott Winrow
    Shannon Woodford
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Violin Anne Beruldsen
  Woodwind Andrew Corbel
    Tristan Hall
    Andrew Mathers
    Geoff Earle
    Paul Jenkins
    Daniel Abraham
  Trumpet Steven Kellock