The Sound of Music

1995.1 - The Sound of MusicGeorge Jenkins Theatre : May 1995


Brief Synopsis

Maria is a sweet young postulant whose love of freedom makes it obvious to her superiors that she is not suited for religious life. Thus, she is sent off to be the governess to Captain von Trapp’s seven troublesome children. Unlike previous governess’, Maria becomes friends with the children due to their mutual love of music. Soon, even the strict Captain begins to admire Maria. Eventually, the Captain and Maria fall in love and are married. Unfortunately, when the Nazis invade their homeland, Austria, the whole family is forced to flee over the alps to escape.






Production Team Director Norm Smart
  Musical Director Sue Fletcher
  Choreographer Wendy Hodges
  Stage Director Judi McCormack
  Stage Manager Michael Fletcher
Design Team Costume Design Jan Henry
  Set Design Kel Pearson
  Scenic Artist Pat Morton
  Lighting Director Ron Gavin
Cast Sister Sophia Noelyne Godson
  Maria Rainer Cheryl McDonald
  Mother Abbess Eileen Johnstone
  Sister Berthe Ruth McHenry
  Sister Margaretta Fiona Morrison
  Captain Von Trapp Peter Grusauskas
  Franz – The Butler David Copeland
  Frau Schmidt Jayne Copeland
  Liesl Aneli Watt
  Friedrich Edward Meadows
    Peter Jenkins
  Louisa Kellie Smythe
    Lissie Black
  Kurt Adam Nash
    Bryn Bowen
  Brigitta Carly Laughton
    Sally Rumble
  Marta Elisa Mone
    Hannah Mills
  Gretl Amy Anderson
    Haylee Cereto
  Rolf Gruber Luke Hunter
  Elsa Schraeder Kim Webster
  Max Detweiler Dale Sheppard
  Herr Zeller Rick Thorpe
  Admiral Van Schrieber Fred Vanderlinde
  Nuns and Guests Anne Bryant
    Penny Burn
    Kimberley Davidson
    Carole Disseldorp
    Olivia Federico
    Kerry Frankland
    Kaylene Green
    Carolyn Hill
    Jenny Leslie
    Justine Marshman
    Robyn McKenzie
    Cindy McMahon
    Kim Miller
    Marion Mournian
    Robyn Rumbelow
    Penny Rumble
    Geraldine Vanderlinde
    Joanne Wyte
    Mary Wyte
  Storm Troopers and Guests Simon Cotterill
    Adam Copeland
    Darren Baker
    Vaughan Gregory
    Harry Szommer
    John Rumbelow
    John Smythe
Team Assistant to the Director Cheryl Smart
  Assistant to the Choreographer Lyndel Smart
  Rehearsal Pianist Simon Stone
  Assistant to Stage Director Marissa Tunks
  Assistant Stage Manager Bob Paice
    Doug Ferguson
  Stage Crew Lorraine Pearson
    Julie Paice
    Lisa Ambler
    Alberto Salvato
    Ralph Morrison
    Brett Cousins
  Lighting Crew Amelia Macleod
    John McCormack
    Graeme McDougall
  Set Painter Brett Wingfield
  Set Dressing Brett Wingfield
  Painting Assistant Marissa Tunks
    Noelyne Gosdon
    Mary Wyte
    Stephen Wyte
    Joanne Wyte
    Andrew Wyte
    Judi McCormack
    Tatum O’Kell
    Delayney Johnston
  Set Construction Bill McGowan
  Construction Assistant Peter Grusauskas
    Eric Tunks
    David Copeland
  Properties Pam McNeilly
    Marcia Watts
  Make Up Fay Hammill
    Chris Ross
  Downstairs Manager Sue Dyer
    Chris Davies
    Elaine Hillier
  Audition Secretary Eileen Johnstone
  Ticket Secretary Trudi MacKenzie
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
    Arch Dyer
  Front of House Manager John Rumbelow
    Cheryl Smart
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Poster Graham Pollerd
  Program Terrie Wayside
    Eileen Johnstone
  Publicity Terrie Wayside
  Program Photos Norm Smart
  Front of House Photos Cheryl Smart
    Lyndel Smart
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
    Al Brown
  Orchestra Convenor Sue Fletcher
  Assistant Convenor Keith Morgan
Orchestra Conductor Sue Fletcher
  Flute Lauren Rumbelow
    Anne Gangotto
    Lisa Mackey
  Clarinet Andrew Corbel
  Trumpet Steve Kellock
    Cathy Bardy
  Trombone Jeff Facey
  Horn Veronica Brown
  Piano SImon Stone
  Percussion Cindy Taylor
  Violin I Margaret Conyers
    Anne Bereldsen
  Violin II Doris Bioyce
  Viola Heather Birrell
    Liz Davis
  Cello Cameron Conyers
  Bass Sophie Emery
Venue   George Jenkins Theatre