West Side Story

1995.2 - West Side StoryFrankston Cultural Centre : Oct/Nov 1995


Brief Synopsis

On the mean streets of New York City, two gangs are in a long-lasting duel. The Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang, grapple with the difficulties of assimilating into American society. The Jets, the “American” gang, want to resist newcomers entering their territory. In the midst of this rivalry, a Jet, Tony, falls in love with a beautiful Sharks’ girl, Maria. After a fight between the Jets and the Sharks, Tony ends up killing Maria’s brother, Bernardo. Bitter over losing Maria’s love and the death of Bernardo, Maria’s Puerto Rican suitor, Chino, shoots Tony dead. Dancing in the show requires jazz, ballet and athleticism.






Production Team Director/Choreographer Sue Salvato
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Production Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
  Stage Director Judi McCormack
  Stage Manager Tonya McDougal
Design Team Assistant Choreographer Vanessa Harvey
  Set Design/Scenic Artist Alberto Salvato
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Lighting Director John McCormack
Cast Jets  
  Tony Paul Biencourt
  Riff Brett Cousins
  Anybody’s Lauren Rumbelow
  Tiger Darren Baker
  Diesel Adrian Birrell
  Annette Lea Bromley
  Minnie Megan Brown
  Margo Katie Bull
  Big Deal Ross Campbell
  Action Simon Cottrill
  A-rab Michael Fletcher
  Gee-tar Luke Hunter
  Claire Jodie Langdon
  Cindy Kylie Langdon
  Velma Miranda Lawrence
  Clarice Zoe Love
  Pauline Michelle Pollock
  Betty-Jo Kristy raynes
  Grazilla Jenny Scott
  Mouthpiece Cameron Sweatman
  Baby-John Frazer Yendell
  Maria Jo Taylor
  Bernadao David Gadicke
  Anita Tiffany O’Leary
  Anxious Paul belli
  Teresita Ruth Bowen
  Toro Michael Constantinou
  Rosalia Jenni Elmer
  Consuelo Jacqui Hamilton
  Clarita Vanessa Harvey
  Mouse Chris Hawthorne
  Pepe Scott Hili
  Francisca Justine Marshman
  Estella Amelia Macleod
  Nibbles Allan Paul
  Margarita Marni Watson
  Tina Kim White
  Luis Adam Wood
  Chino Clinton Wood
  Indio Matthew Woodford
  Juana Scott Winrow
  Doc Stephan Bowen
  Shrank Rob Davies
  Krupke Michael Clayton
  Glad hand Andrew Stonill
Team Assistant Stage Director Marissa Tunks
  Assistant Stage Manager Bill McGowan
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
  Costume co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
  Scenic Painting Alberto Salvato
    Patricia Morton
    Michael Fletcher
  Set Construction Kel Pearson
    Bill McGowan
  Costume Assistants Joan Pearson
  Properties Robyn Rumbelow
    Shirley Bowen
  Lighting Assistant Eric Tunks
    Ron Gavin
    Daniel Salvato
    Steve Allen
  Set Construction Assistant Eric Tunks
    David Gedicke
    Darren Baker
    Michael Fletcher
  Backstage Crew Alberto Salvato
    Cameron Taylor
    Daryl Stevenson
    Daniel Thorne
    Stewart Merrill
    Billy Madrin
    Julie Paice
    Cameron Brown
    Dominic Salvato
    Cassandra Salvato
    Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Guthrie
  Sound Director Don Hawkins
  Radio Mich Technicians Helene Wilson
  Advance Bookings Sue Dyer
    Arch Dyer
  Audition Pianist Sue Fletcher
  Audition Secretary Lorraine Pearson
  Publicity/Promotions Eileen Johnstone
  Make Up Rhonda Horwood
    Leanne Robinson
  Specialty Make Up Nicky Mau
  Rehearsal Refreshments Doreen Sparks
    Al Brown
  Photographer Grant Kennedy
  Front of House Display Doreen Sparks
  Front of House Co-ordinator Chris Davies
  Conductor Bev Woodford
  Violin 1 Anne Bereldsen
  Violin 2 Margeret Conyers
  Violincello Cameron Conyers
  Reed 1 Andrew Corbel
  Reed 2 Vivienne Tait
  Reed 3 Andrew Mathers
  Trumpet 1 Darren Shepherd
  Trumpet 2 Corey Hall
  Trumpet 3 Stephen Kelloch
  Trombone 1 Mark Mason
  Trombone 2 Helen Giokas
  Guitar Keith Gledhill
  Bass Dave Sanders
  Percussion 1 Ben Smart
  Percussion 2 Cindy Taylor
  Piano/Keyboard Sue Fletcher
  Piano/Keyboard Jonathan Harvey
  Orchestra Convenor Keith Morgan
Venue   Frankston Cultural Centre