A Chorus Line

2002.2 - A Chorus LineFrankston Arts Centre: October 2002


Brief Synopsis

A Chorus Line tells the story of a group of performers auditioning for a Broadway show. All the performers come from different backgrounds and have varying abilities. In between learning audition moves, they each reveal their most personal stories in interviews with the director, Zach. A Chorus Line is about hope, sex, insecurity, ethnicity, and dreaming. In the end, only eight people are chosen for the show and get to put on splendid costumes and live out their dream. Dancing in the show requires heavy jazz, ballet, and some tap.






Production Team Director Sue Salvato
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Choreographer Scott Hili
  Production Manager Brett Wingfield
  Stage Director Sue Salvato
  Stage Manager Lawrence Kendall
  Jodie Wood
Design Team Set Design/Scenic Artist Alberto Salvato
  Costume Design Brett Wingfield
  Lighting Design Ben Thompson
  Sound Greenland Audio
  Make Up Design Rhonda Horwood
Cast Zach Brad Dart
  Laurie Marni Watson
  Don Tony Appleby
  Maggie Sheona Gregg
  Mike Robert King
  Connie Tahlia Birnbaum
  Greg Gerard lane
  Cassie Sarah Shanahan
  Sheila Courtney Smyth
  Bobby Peter Stanbrook
  Bebe Tracy Campbell
  Judy Lyndel Hoy
  Richie Chris Tunks
  Alan Luke Delecco
  Kristine Emma Clancy Ingles
  Valerie Michelle Nicol
  Mark Ben Gerrard
  Paul Rob Gaetano
  Diana Kristy Raynes
  Ensemble Serenity Harbour
  Katie Lang
  Jodie Langman
  Amelia Macleod
  Colin Morley
  Michael Steffanetti
  Kerry Warren-Smith
  Tim Warren-Smith
  Sarah Watson
  Vanessa Winrow
  Clint Wood
Team Dance Captain Marni Watson
  Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
  Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
  Make Up Co-ordinator Rhonda Horwood
  Head Flyman Lawrence Kendall
  Lighting Operator Dave banen
  Lighting Assistant Ron Gavin
  John McCormack
  Sound Operator Matthew Botherway
  Set Construction Kevin Cassels
  Craig Symons
  Costume Assistant Debbie Farag
  Janine Frankland
  Joan Hanacik
  Lindy McCann
  Jannette Raynes
  Belinda Tidesley
  Diana Weston
  Make Up Judi McCormack
  Backstage Crew David Barclay
  Linda Beadle
  Leanne Best
  Daniel Clancy
  Daniel Hoy
  Lisa Stickland
  Trish McMahon
  Glenn Mead
  Stephanie Langman
  Daniel O’Neil
  Elise Russell
  Damien Smith
  Craig Symons
  Andrew Tunks
  Wayne Walker
  Jessica Wickmann
  Tanya Wickmann
  Jeff Williams
  Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
  Program Design Michael Fletcher
  Carolyn Waddell
  Program Artwork Michael Fletcher
  Program Biog Editor Carolyn Waddell
  Poster/Postcard Design Michael Fletcher
  Publicity/Promotions/Marketing Brett Wingfield
  Photography Grant Kennedy
  Transport Co-ordinator Mark Raynes
  Transport Assistant John Langman
  Front of House Manger Norm Smart
  Company Tickets Sue Dyer
  Video Services Rick Merrin
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Keyboard 1 Sue Fletcher
  Keyboard 2 Bev Woodford
  Guitar Jim Richardson
  Bass Guitar Jeremy hall
  Nathan Post
  Woodwind 1 Kate Large
  Woodwind 2 Andrew Corbel
  Woodwind 3 Emily Wilson
  Woodwind 4 Cameron Esman
  Trumpet 1 John Lucas
  Trumpet 2 Dean Pratt
  Trombone 1 Kenton Smith
  Trombone 2 Eric Budd
  Trombone 3 Lucas Clayton
  Percussion 1 Danny Boldiston
  Percussion 2 Ben Mathews
  Cindy Taylor
Venue Frankston Arts Centre