annieFrankston Arts Centre : 2006


Brief Synopsis

Abused by a cruel orphanage matron, Annie, a spunky, redheaded orphan, decides to run away and find her parents. After eventually managing to escape the orphanage, she sadly is caught and sent back by Officer Ward of the NYPD. Soon though, her luck improves. Billionaire Oliver Warbucks decides to invite an orphan over to his house for Christmas and Annie is chosen. The two quickly hit it off and he agrees to help Annie find her parents by putting up a $50,000 reward. Miss Hannigan’s brother, Rooster, and his girlfriend, Lily, pretend to be Annie’s parents by using information provided by Miss Hannigan. At the last minute, President Roosevelt intervenes to announce that the FBI has discovered that Annie’s parents are in fact, dead. In the end, Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily are all arrested and Annie is adopted by Warbucks.



Production Team
Director Brad Dart
Musical Director Bev Woodford
Choreographer Sharon Dart
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Sue Salvato
Stage Manager Arn Maree Jenkins
Costume Design Lindy McCann
Set and Scenic Design Alberto Salvato
Lighting Design Gordon Flash
Sound Design Colin Armstrong
Make up Design Jude McCormack
Program Design Mike Fletcher
Tap, Specialist Choreography Scott Hili
Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
Bev Woodford
Audition Pianist Sue Fletcher
Luke Hunter
Bev Woodford
Set Construction Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
Costume Assistants Joan Pearson
Brett Wingfield
Lighting Operation John McCormack
Company Tickets Sue Fletcher
Hair Stylist Jaye Lanigan
Program Proof Readers Marnie Umbers
Advert Layouts Michael Fletcher
Photography Michael Fletcher
Props Co-ordinator Arn Maree Jenkins
Props Assistant Chris Brown
Publicity Sue Dyer
Michael Fletcher
Sue Fletcher
Tami Szommer
James Williams
Brett Wingfield
T-Shirts Marion Beaman
Bump In Assistant Craig Aitkins
Set Construction John Beaney
Eric Johnstone
Mike Smith
Geoff Stephens
Craig Symons
Brett Wingfield
Set Painting Eric Donnison
Sue Dyer
Sue Salvato
Michael Ward
Flyman Craig Symons
Staging Chris Brown
Michael Laity
Michael Ward
Support Group Jan Lavender
Catering Shari Hart
Maria Sabbatucci
Front of House Bill McNeilly
Transport Steve Buckley
Kevin Seerup
Conductor Bev Woodford
Keyboard Bev Woodford
Piano/Keyboard Sue Fletcher
Keyboard Kim Starr
Woodwind Andrew Corbel
Woodwind Eve Macleod
Woodwind Malcolm Huddle
Woodwind Alysha Genn
Trumpet John Lucas
Trumpet Dean Pratt
Trombone Jonty Smith
Guitar/Bass Dave Banen
Percussion Cindy Tasylor
Drums Bryn Bowen


Warbucks Erik Donnison
Annie Sonyta Trahar
Sandy (the Dog) Casey
Grace Farrell Jamie Laity
Lily St Regis Tiffany Brown
Miss Hannigan Shirley Bowen
Rooster Colin Armstrong
Drake Geroge Brough
Mrs Pugh Jo Corbel
Bert Healey Scott Hili
FDR, The President Andrew O’Shea
Star to be Melissa Driessen
Duffy Nicole Banks
July Nadine Wyatt
Kate Madelene Corbel
Molly Caitlin New
Pepper Emily Marshall
Tessie Lauren Stewart
Ensemble Clive Brown
  Jo Corbel
  Steve Coultas
  Kay Davis
  Lauren de Silva
  Melissa Driessen
  Natalie Hall
  Scott Hili
  Cara Johnston
  Timothy Jones
  Leesa Martini
  Talisha McCann
  Helen New
  Hannah Sabbatucci
  Melanie Warren
  Amanda Whitehouse
Orphans Alexandra Adometto
  Elly Anderson
  Jessica Arnephy
  Monique Arnephy
  Kirn Ashworth-king
  Natalie Bray
  Sarah Buckley
  Keyane Dalton
  Shaylin Durban
  Caitlyn East
  Dakota Egan
  India Egan
  Tessa Fox
  Meaghan Galindo
  Louise Griffin
  Amber-Rose Hart
  Ruby Hart
  Belinda Hodgson
  Ellie Johnston
  Malika Kirby
  Breeanna Lavender
  Amber Leveque
  Jade Lindsay
  Sachael Miller
  Tarah Miller
  Gabrielle Morelli
  Vanessa Morelli
  Hayley Noy
  Emily Rault-Harwood
  Hannah Rule
  Grace Sabbatucci
  Monica Sabbatucci
  Tess Sabbatucci
  Megan Salpietro
  Josie Salvato
  Gabriela Sly
  Monique Sly
  Bethany Stewart
  Natalie Studdert
  Allison Turek
  Lauren Tattersall
  Georgia Vare
  Laura Whitehouse
  Samantha Whitehouse
  Olivia Seerup
  Stephanie Wilson
Urchins Dale Ashworth-King
  Thomas New