Frankston Arts Centre : June 20062006.2 - Cabaret


Brief Synopsis

As the Nazis begin their rise to power in Germany in the late 1920s, American writer Clifford Bradshaw visits Berlin. After making a few friends and finding housing, Clifford visits the sleazy Kit Kat Club and meets an English singer, Sally Bowles. The writer and singer soon fall in love. Meanwhile, Clifford’s elderly landlord, Fraulein Schneider, gets engaged to a Jewish greengrocer, Herr Schultz – not an easy decision given the increasing influence of the Nazis. Soon, Clifford discovers that he has been inadvertently helping the Nazis by delivering packages to Paris for a German friend of his, Ernst Ludwig. Clifford ends up deciding to return to the United States but Sally, after aborting their baby, decides to remain in Berlin.




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 Production Team
Director/Choreographer Craig Wiltshire
Musical Director Sue Fletcher
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Arn Maree Jenkins
Costume Design Vicky Horne
Set Design Alberto Salvato
Lighting Design Damien Calvert
Make Up Design Nicky Johnston
Sound Design Chris Angwin
Program Design Michael Fletcher
Assistant to the Director Marissa Tunks
Costume Assistant Lindy McCann
Brett Wingfield
Hair and Wigs Debora Bambrook
Hair and Wigs Assistant Jaye Lanigan
Liza Chappele
Make Up Assistant Anna Ciechanowski
Teresa Dworak
Judi McCormack
Talisha McCann
Kylie McMillan
Lighting Plot Damien Calvert
Lighting Operator Damien Calvert
Lighting Assistant Craig Aiton
John McCormack
Electrics Consultant Rick Merrin
Set Construction Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
Set Construction Eric Johnston
Rick Merrin
Mike Smith
Geoff Stephens
Craig Symons
Set Painting Rhonda Horwood
Alberto Salvato
Sue Salvato
Props Arn Maree Jenkins
Alberto Salvato
Marissa Tunks
Brett Wingfield
Sound Assistant Brad Dart
RadioMich Assistants Andrea Cummins
Lorraine Pearson
Floor Manager Craig Dixon
Staging Rob Whitehouse
Michael Sabbatucci
Flies Manager Craig Symons
Flies Assistant Jaime Laity
Eric Tunks
Marketing Team Mike Brown
Tiffany Brown
Sue Dyer
Michael Fletcher
Cameron Sweatman
Brett Wingfield
Company Tickets Sue Dyer
Front of House Co-ordinator Amanda Whitehouse
Support Group Jan Lavender
Catering George Brough
Sue Dyer
Brett Wingfield
Graphic Art Design Michael Fletcher
Craig Whiltshire
Photography Michael Fletcher
Rehearsal Pianist Vickie Aiton
Kim Starr
Conductor Sue Fletcher
Violin One Anne Beruldsen
Violin Two Chantal Roddy
Woodwind One Paul Jenkins
Woodwind Two Andrew Corbel
Woodwind Three Steve Danne
Woodwind Four Daryl Pearce
Trumpet One Dean Pratt
Trumpet Two Alistair Neil
Trombone One Bernaud Maude
Trombone Two Jonty Smith
Keyboard One Vickie Aiton
Keyboard Two Kim Starr
Bass Dave Banen
Percussion Bryn Bowen


Master of Ceremonies Michael Fletcher
Sally Bowles Sarah Watson
Clifford Bradshaw Cameron Sweatman
Fraulein Schneider Beryle Frees
Herr Schultz Colin Armstrong
Fraulein Kost Natasha Bassett
Ernst Ludwig David Wearne
Rosie Jodie Symes
Lu Lu Kristy Kendall
Frenchie Sarah Horne
Texas Courtney Smyth
Fritzie Lizzy Garnsworthy
Helga Hannah Sabbatucci
Brigitte Tahlia Birnbaum
Claudia Karen Taylor-Pottinger
Ursula Tara Kabalan
Lena Helen New
Vesna Cara Johnston
Bobby Chris Brown
Victor Matt Holly
Hans Paul Congdon
Herman James Williams
Claus Justin Peters
Tobius Anthony Scundi