Company – In Concert

2003.1 - Company (In Concert)PLOS Shed: May 2003


Brief Synopsis

Set in New York, Company tells the story of five couples and their mutual friend Robert. Robert, turning 35 at the beginning of the show, seems to have everything: good looks, charm, and a great sense of humor. Nevertheless, he is still single. In Company he watches and learns from the various couples. He sees both the wonders and pitfalls of relationships. In the end though, Robert realizes that while relationships rarely turn out like they do in fairy tails, life is still better when you have someone to share it with. Dancing in the show requires light musical theater steps.



Director Carolyn Waddell
Musical Director Sue Fletcher
Choreographer Scott Hili
Set Design Brett Wingfield
Robert Tony Appleby
Sarah Angela Phillips
Harry Scott Winrow
Jenny Kirsten Smart
David Chris Tunks
Amy Lauren Elise
Paul Gerard lane
Susan Tracey Clayton
Peter Michael Clayton
Joanne Shirley Bowen
Larry Geoff Harrison
Marta Kerry Warren-Smith
Kathy Kathryn Tohill
April Courtney Smyth
Angel Kate Freeman
Serge Michael Fletcher
Rehearsal Pianist Luke Hunter
Tickets Vanessa Winrow
Supper Co-ordinator Sue Dyer
Set Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Keyboard I Luke Hunter
Keyboard II Sue Fletcher
Percussion Bryn Bowen