Frankston Arts Centre : January 2009January 2009


Brief Synopsis:

It’s 1959 and Rydell high is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving students. In the midst of this scene, Sandy Dumbrowski enters as the new girl in school. It turns out that she and the leader of the Burger Palace Boys gang, Danny Zuko, have had a brief love affair the summer before. While Sandy stresses to her new classmates the emotional attachment she and Danny had, Danny stresses the physical aspects of their relationship. As the show goes on, the students at Rydell High have to deal with love, gang violence, teen pregnancy, and friendship. In the end, Sandy and Danny resolve their differences and end up happily together.




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Production Team
Director Danny Ginsberg
Musical Director Malcolm Fawcett
Choreographer Hannah Sabbatucci
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Sue Salvato
Stage Manager Jodie Wood
Costume Design Brett Wingfield
Set and Scenic Design Alberto Salvato
Lighting Design Michael Brasser
Sound Design Colin Armstrong
Assistant to Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird
Assistant Stage Director Karen Garaway
Sound Operator Colin Armstrong
Sound Assistant Angela Ginsberg
Lighting Operator Michael Brasser
Stage Electrics Rick Merrin
Floor Electrics Josh Lacey
Head Dome Matthew Duncombe
Dome Operator Chris Lemere
Lighting Crew Dave Benen
Ash Welhan
Brendan Osbourn
Flyman Michael Bates
Peter Bates
Tony Hall
Shannon Mead
Props Lynette Sherman
Megan Sherman
Ros Willams
Drive In Video Sequence Paul Congdon
Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Costumes Charmaine Arnephy
Maria Sabbatucci
Jo Shorton
Set Co-ordinhator Alberto Salvato
Set Construction Peter Bates
Eric Johnstone
Rick Merrin
Bruce Morton
Daniel Murtough
Alberto Salvato
Mike Smith
Geoff Stephens
Cameron Sweatman
Bob Watson
Staging Peter Bates
Craig Dixon
Tony Hall
David Harrison
Caitlin Hill
Ben Klarenbeek
Nicole Lylak
Bianca Milewski
Eleni Millionis
Lucy Stayner
Kate Weymouth
Set Painter Rhonda Horwood
Bruce Morton
Pat Morton
Daniel Murtough
Alberto Salvato
Sue Salvato
Mike Smith
Cameron Sweatman
Bob Watson
Sally Wemyff
Kate Weymouth
Karen Garaway
RydellHigh School Frontage Pat Morton
Drive In Cars Cameron Sweatman
Make Up Co-ordinator Jaye Lanigan
Make Up Assistant Talisha McCann
Kylie McMillan
Program Design Michael Fletcher
Flyer Design Michael Fletcher
Photography Michael Fletcher
Logo Design Heath McKenzie
Proof Readers Courtney Smyth
Shirley Bowen
Jan Morris
Marketing Chris Brown
Michael Fletcher
Angela Ginsberg
Kylie McMillan
Rehearsal Pianist Anthony Bingham
Rowland Brache
Andrew Downing
Sue Fletcher
Auslan Signers Kirri Dangerfield
Lynn Gordon
Bump In Assistant Mark Raynes
Paul Beli
Company Tickets Sue Dyer
Green Room Manager Jan Lavender
Conductor Malcolm Fawcett
Reed 1 Russell Oxley
Reed 2 Hayley Kruger
Trumpet Daniel Heskett
Guitar 1 Dave Banen
Guitar 2 Mark George
Bass Adrian Close
Drums Ben Hudson
Keyboard 1 Daniel Puckey
Keyboard 2 Malcolm Fawcett


Sandy Jodie Symes
Danny Christian Cavallo
Rizzo Sarah Watson
Jan Tara Kabalan
Kenickie Anthony Scundi
Marty Jodi Raynes
Sonny Matt Holly
Doody Chris Brown
Frenchy Jess Barlow
Roger Jimmy Williams
Patty Merryn Degnan
Eugene Marcus Flood
Cha Cha Mel Ott
Vince Fontane Cameron Sweatman
Miss Lynch Sarah Pascall
Johnny Casino Paul Congdon
Teen Angel Mike Fletcher
Ensemble Kirby Boon
  Tim Blencowe
  Alice Breedon
  Nick Chilton
  James Davies
  Lauren De Silva
  Tessa Fox
  Haley Maginess
  Bronwyn McMillan
  Stavros Milionis
  Jessica Redmayne
  Ash Roussety
  Michelle Smith
  Luke Vare
  Stephanie Wilson