La Cage aux Folles

2004.3 - La Cage aux FollesFrankston Arts Centre : October 2004


Brief Synopsis

A wickedly funny musical farce about two gay men, George and Albin, who have had a relationship for over 20 years. They own a glamorous nightclub in St. Tropez, France where one is the star and the other the MC. When George’s son, the product of a one night stand years ago, brings home the daughter of a very conservative French politician and announces their impending marriage, slapstick comedy ensues as everyone tries to pretend they are someone or something they are not.






Production Team
Director Brad Dart
Musical Director Bev Woodford
Choreographer Scott Hili
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Arn Maree Jenkins
Stage Manager Shannon Mead
Costume Design Brett Wingfield
Set Design John Beaney
Lighting Design Ben Thompson
Make Up Designer Rhonda Horwood
Sound Design Greenland Audio
Set Concept Brad Dart
Dance Captain Tracy Campbell
Rehearsal Pianist Sue Fletcher
Luke Hunter
Aaron Richards
Heather Wickes
Sue Goessling
Set Construction Co-ordinator John Beaney
Set Welders Vic Glencross
Eric Johnstone
Set Carpenter Theo Dietrich
Set Construction Roger Griffiths
Jenny Leslie
Bill McNeilly
Marissa Tunks
Greta Wills
Set Electrics Rick Merrin
Video Services Rick Merrin
Scenic Artist Pat Morton
Set Painting Carmel Clearmann
George Gibney
Richard King
Rhonda Horwood
Mike Smith
Staging Craig Symons
Raegan Smyth
Damien Smith
Costume Assistants Shirley Bowen
Maryanne Crawford
Debbie Farag
June Harbour
Julie Kiddle
Lindy McCann
Gail McDerott
Pam McNeilly
Jannette Raynes
Lighting Assistants Eric Tunks
John Langman
John McCormack
Floor Electrics Darren Burgess
Make Up Advisor Tony McShanag
Make Up Assistants Debra Bambrook
Shaye Benton
Jessie Cleave
Evelyn Farag
Nicky Johnston
Talisha McCann
Judi McCormack
Lorraine Pearson
Angela Scundi
Tammi Szommer
Alison Yates
Hair Stylists Ben Fraher
Anthony Nordoan
Gemma Woods
Sound Greenland Audio
Sound Assistant Channellle Hall
Sound Operators Alan Green
Marcello LoRicco
Michael Webster
Props Marissa Tunks
Linda Beadle
Ros Williams
Stage Props Greta Wills
Publicity Beryl Beaney
Sue Dyer
Brett Wingfield
Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
Program Michael Fletcher
Program Concept Michael Fletcher
Scott Hili
Program Biogs Beryl Beaney
Logo Kirsten Smart
Support Group Jan Lavender
Bill McNeilly
Conductor Bev Woodford
Keyboard Aaron Richard
Alexandra Rodrigiuez
Liz Ullrich
Woodwind Andrew Corbel
Paul Jenkins
Eve Macleod
Sally Wickes
Trumpet John Lucas
Dean Pratt
Trombone Kenton Smith
Michael Sword
French Horn David Rampett
Paul Rankin
Strings Anne Beruldsen
Val Field
Guitar Ashley Shoup
Bass Mark Hatwell
Percussion Cindy Taylor
Rebecca Matthews


Georges Andrew Vial
Albin Michael Fletcher
Jean-Michael Anthony Scundi
Anne Jodi Raynes
Edouard Dindon Dave Wearne
Marie Dindon Sue Allen
Jacob John Shrimpton
Jacqueline Vicky Zainal
Francis Sean Van Gyzel
Les Cagelles
Hanna Peter Dennis
Nicole Cara Johnston
Chantal Luke Smith
Dermah James Williams
Monique James Davies
Mercedes Brian Dixon
Bitelle Cameron Medhurst
Lo Singh Renee Grivas
Odette Kerryn Turner
Angelique Serenity Harbour
Phaedra Chris Brown
Clo-Clo Colin Morley
Les Filles De Spectacle
Madeline Elizabeth Leenders
Jennevive Katie Duff
Leslie Sharna Durso
Antoinette Tracy Campbell
St Tropez Townspeople
Monsieur Renaud George Brough
Madam Renaud Lorraine Williams
Paulette Nicole Gordon
Etienne Catherine Jones
Babette Tiffany Brown
Hercule Chris Tunks
Pit Singers Linda Beadle
Shirley Bowen
John Groat
Peter Grausauskas
Sue Kawecki
Adam Nash
Lorraine Pearson
Cindy Taylor
Chris Tunks
Marissa Tunks
Kerry Warren-Smith
Shannon Woodford