Les Miserables

2000.2 - Les MiserablesFrankston Cultural Centre: October 2000


Brief Synopsis:

Jean Valjean is released after spending 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. As a result, he is a bitter and desperate man. Due to the kindness of a Bishop, Valjean is able to find God and is motivated to be a good man. Eventually he rises to become the Mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer and a factory owner. Unfortunately, he has also broken his parole and Javert, a policeman, is after him. As one of his workers, Fantine, is about to die, Valjean promises to take care of her daughter, Cosette. After Valjean purchases Cosette from the money-grubbing Thenardiers (where she had been lodging), the show moves 9 years to the future where Cosette has become a woman. With the French Revolution ensuing, Cosette falls in love with a student revolutionary, Marius. After a battle, Marius falls unconscious in the sewer of Paris. Before Valjean dies, he manages to save Marius so that Marius and Cosette can be wed.






Production Team Director Sue Salvato
  Musical Director Bev Woodford
  Production Manager Brett Wingfield
Design Team Costume Design Bret Wingfield
  Set and Scenic Design Alberto Salvato
  Lighting Design Stuart Clark
  Sound Design Greenland Audio
  Stage Director Stephanie Langnan
  Stage Manager Jodi Wood
  Assistant Stage Manager Mike Smith
Cast Jean Valjean Peter Nicholls
  Javert Phil Krasa-Haby
  Fantine Lauren Elise
  Thenardier Barry Woodford
  Mme Thenardier Carolyn Waddell
  Eponine Briony Croft
  Marius Danny Beruiti
  Cosette Jenny Webby
  Enjolras Brad Dart
  Little Eponine Jessica Brooks (A)
  Morgan Wall (B)
  Gavroche Joel Dalton
  Little Cossette Kobi Liddell (A)
  Samantha Coburn (B)
  Children A Miranda Campbell
  Sean Cumberlidge
  Casey Hawkins
  Taryn Hunter
  Mitchell Lack
  Samanta Lee
  Kara Miller
  Matthew Robinson
  Emma Saville
  Vanessa Stenson
  Children B Dylan Benwell
  Scott Brownlee
  Haylee Cerato
  Jessica Featherby
  Maddie Featherby
  Kimberley Harris
  Jessica Klelsterlee
  Teale Nicholls
  Benjamin Stannard
  The Gang Doug Alcorn
  David Fontana
  Peter Grusauskas
  Dave Piggott
  Cameron Sweatman
  Combeferre Nicholas Christie
  Feuily Tom Hodgson
  Courfeyac Peter Jenkins
  Joly Matt Dodd
  Lesgles Rod Byrnes
  Grantaire Josh Farrell
  Jean Provaire Michael Laity
  PierJean Marc James Clarke
  Dockers Debra Byrne
  Declan Cassidy
  Jessica Cleaves
  Heidi Dixon
  Jenni Elmer
  Mark Featherby
  David Fontana
  Tina Gleeson
  Lyndal Hoy
  Darren O’Shea
  Angela Phillips
  David Piggott
  Adam Rafferty
  Cindy Waters
  Marni Watson
  Workers Doug Alcorn
  Linda Beadle
  Lynne Chipperfield
  Lauke Dawson
  Jane Elvy
  Peter Grausauskas
  David Griffiths
  Gerard Lane
  Jodie Langdon
  Kristy Raynes
  Mark Raynes
  Lindsey Ross
  Kirsten Smart
  Courtney Smyth
  Cameron Sweatman
  Rohan Waters
  Sarah Watson
  Vanessa Winrow
  Joanne Corbel
  Luke Dawson
  David Griffiths
  Gaylene Hawkins
  Rachel Ho
  Sue Kawecki
  Jaime Laity
  Gerard Lane
  Carly Laughton
  Trish McMahon
  Glenn Mead
  Lorraine Pearson
  Lauren Rumbelow
  Robyn Rumbelow
  Beggars Shirley Bowen
  Ruth Bowen
  Martha Christie
  Laura Coates
  Paul Cooper
  Elizabeth Dyvestyn
  Brandi Galpin
  Myfany Hodgson
  Amelia Macleod
  Cara O’Shea
  Harry Szommer
  Wayne Walker
  Shannon Woodford
Team Assistant Production Manager Sue Dyer
  Assistant to the Director Stephanie Langman
  Assistant to the Musical Director Charles Rinauldo
  Costume Assistants Tina Gleeson
  Joan Hanacik
  Lindy McCann
  Pam McNeilly
  Joan Pearson
  Jannette Rayens
  Robyn Rumbelow
  Doris Ward
  Company Members
  Lighting Operators Stuart Clark
  Ron Gavin
  Kerry Grigg
  John Langman
  John McCormack
  Sound Greenland Audio
  Colin Armstrong
  Michelle Newton
  Video Services Rick Merrin
  Wigs Sue Salvato
  Brett Wingfield
  Make Up Sue Allen
  Amy Anselmi
  Norma Evans
  Rhonda Horwood
  Judi McCormack
  Michelle Pollock
  Sue Salvato
  Nicole Smith
  Karina Stroot
  Props Marion Beaman
  Cath Milvain
  Special Props and Effects Michael Lodge
  Phillip Lodge
  John Beaney
  Kel Pearson
  Robyn Rumbelow
  Alberto Salvato
  Rehearsal Pianist Charles Rinaudo
  Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
  Photography Emma Clancy
  Program Photos Doug Brown
  Front of House Photos Grant Kennedy
  Publicity Sue Dyer
  John Beaney
  Jenni Elmer
  Michael Fletcher
  Luke Hunter
  Judi McCormack
  Adam Rafferty
  Brett Wingfield
  Program Mike Fletcher
  Sue Fletcher
  Program Proof Readers Sue Fletcher
  Jan Morris
  Carolyn Waddell
  Brett Wingfield
  Transport Peter Grusauskas
  John Langman
  Mark Raynes
  Front of House Managers John Rumbelow
  Norm Smart
  Front of Housed Display Cheryl Smart
  Kirsten Smart
  Sponsorship Geoff Harrison
  Set Construction Kevin Cassels
  Harry Szommer
  Alberto Salvato
  John Beaney
  Phil Krasa-Haby
  Phillip Lodge
  Michael Lodge
  Seamus Sutcliffe
  Cameron Sweatman
  Mark Raynes
  Wayne Walker
  Les Wilkinson
  Set Painting Alberto Salvato
  Linda Beadle
  Debra Byrne
  Lynne Chipperfield
  Jenni Elmer
  Jane Elvy
  Pat Morton
  Kirtsen Smart
  Cameron Sweatman
  Company Members
  Barricade John Beaney
  Alberto Salvato
  Phil Krasa-Haby
  Phil Lodge
  Cameron Sweatman
  Backstage Jodie Wood
  Ginny Adams
  Emma Cater
  Ken Chipperfield
  Rachel Davenport
  Aaron Hall
  Andrew Hicks
  Laurence Kendall
  Shannon Mead
  Marie Loscimo
  Michael Lodge
  Phil Lodge
  Damien Smith
  Ginny Smith
  Mike Smith
  Michael Steffanetti
  Mark Weber
  Company Tickets Sue Dyer
  Green Room Cheryl Smart
  Web Site Mike Fletcher
  Scott Winrow
Orchestra Conductor Bev Woodford
  Violins Anne Beruldsen
  Margaret Boyle
  Marcello Peterson
  Sarah Van Nooten
  Clarinet/Saxophone Andrew Corbel
  Flute/Piccolo Kate Large
  Oboe/Cor Anglais Jenny Lowe
  Trumpet 1 John Lucas
  Trumpet 2 Nathan Post
  Trumpet 3 Dean Pratt
  Trombone Don Jordan
  French Horn 1 Katrina Szetey
  French Horn 2 Louise Brown
  Keyboard 1 Charles Rinaudo/Lisa Peters
  Keyboard 2 Sue Fletcher
  Keyboard 3 Eve Macleod
  Guitar David Bell
  Bass Jeremy Hall
  Percussion Bill Fisher/Anthony Bolger
  Drums Bryn Bowen
Venue Frankston Cultural Centre