The Boy from Oz

Frankston Arts Centre : July 2009July 2009


Brief Synopsis

The Boy From Oz tells about the life of the great Australian entertainer, Peter Allen. The show starts with in the 1950s with his humble beginnings growing up in an Australian bush town. He then experiences a meteoric rise to fame as an international star opening for Judy Garland and selling out week-long engagements at Radio City Music Hall. Later, Allen marries her Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli. Within a few years, Allen and Minnelli split due to Allen’s homosexuality. Eventually, Allen dies from AIDS – but before he dies, he is able to give one final concert back in his homeland.





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Production Team
Director Sue Salvato
Musical Director Sue Fletcher
Choreographer Elizabeth Garnworthy
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Arn Maree Jenkins
Stage Manager Paul Beli
Lighting Programmer Michel Boss
Lighting Operator Michel Brasser
Head Dome Operator Daniel Jow
Dome Operator Peter Amesbury
Matt Duncombe
Nick Jones
Make Up Co-ordinator Holly Driver
Sound Natalie Coleman
Taylor Jones
Company Tickets Sue Dyer
Cinema Advertisement Matthew Smolen
Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Costume Assistant Jo Shorton
Nerissa Saville
June Harbour
Maria Sabbatucci
Jannette Raynes
Kerry Butler
Deanne Kabalan
Mandy Lavender
Lindy McCann
Make Up Assistant Jaye Lanigan
Kylie McMillan
Lisa Rampone
Specialty Wigs Sue Salvato
Character Drawings Rhonda Horwood
Head Flyman Michael Bates
Sound Operator Colin Armstrong
Props Co-ordinator Ros Williams
Props Assistant John Prendergast
Stage Props Brett Wingfield
Alberto Salvato
Sue Salvato
Television Cameras Mike Fletcher
Set Construction Alberto Salvato
Painting Manager Alberto Salvato
Set Construction/Painting Erik Donnison
Millie Hutchings
Eric Johnstone
Rick Merrin
Pat Morton
Bruce Morton
Sue Salvato
Alberto Salvato
Mike Smith
Geoff Stephens
Stage Electrics Alberto Salvato
Bruce Morton
Mike Smith
Staging Peter Bates
Joshua Coleman
Craig Dixon
Ben Dudgeon
Karen Garaway
Tony Hall
Ben Klarenbeck
Josh Lacey
Nicole Lylak
Bianca Milewski
Sean Novotny
Lucy Stayner
Luke Vare
Rehearsal Pianist Cameron Thomas
Bernard Maude
Program Design Kylie McMillan
Photography Mike Fletcher
Data Projections Matthew Smolen
Effects Co-ordinator Kylie Wood
Green Room Manager Jan Lavender
Green Room Assistants Frances Boyd
Helen Brown
Chris Congdon
Carole Cuthbertson
Marketing Chris Brown
Mike Fletcher
Angela Ginsberg
Kylie McMillan
Bass Darren Steel
Drums Bryn Bowen
Guitar Dave Benen
Keyboard 1 Bernard Maude
Keyboard 2 Craig Minty
Percussion Richard Annable
Trombone Frank Blakiston
Trumpet 1 Dean Pratt
Trumpet 2 Alistair Neil
Woodwind 1 Paul Jenkins
Woodwind 2 Andrew Corbel
Woodwind 3 Glenn Taylor


Peter Allen Steven Rostron
Young Peter James Dormer
Marion Woolnough Shirley Bowen
Judy Garland Liz Catford
Liza Minelli Emily Doran
Greg Connell James Davies
Trio – Karen Tara Kabalan
Trio – Linelle Louise Kuchmar
Trio – Sherna Melanie Ott
Dick Woolnough David Wearne
Dee Anthony & Wally Bell Danny Ginsberg
Valarie Anthony Marissa Tunks
Josie Mann Jo Corbel
Chris Bell Chris Tunks
Ensemble Chris Brown
Isabella Colman
Lauren DeSilva
Sarah Fortman
Gina Goss
Kirsty Hall
Millie Hutchings
Serenity Harbour
Kristy Kendall
Angie Lang
Angela Mathews
Bronwyn McMillan
Stephanie Poon
Kim Rawiller
Brad Reader
Nicholas Rees
Ashley Roussety
Michelle Smith
Matthew Smolen
Chris St Clair
James Williams