The Full Monty

2005.1 - The Full MontyFrankston Arts Centre : June 2005



Brief Synopsis:

Six unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York are miserable. They have no cash and no prospects. Meanwhile, they catch their wives and other women going crazy over male strippers. The six men then set out to make some quick cash showing off their ‘real man’ bodies by becoming a team of male strippers. As the guys work through their fears, self-consciousness and anxieties they find strength as a group and overcome their inner demons.




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Production Team
Director/Choreographer Craig Wiltshire
Musical Director Sue Fletcher
Production Manager Brett Wingfield
Scenic Design Alberto Salvato
Sound Design Greenland Audio
Make Up Design Nicky Johnston
Program Design Michael Fletcher
Assistant Stage Manager Shannon Mead
Rehearsal Pianist Vickie Aitkin
Set Construction Co-ordinator Alberto Salvato
Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Costume Assistants Debbie Forag
June Harbour
Lindy McCann
Diana Weston
Lighting Assistants Darren Burgess
John McCormack
Lighting Operator Damian Calvert
Sound Operation Brad Dart
Sound Assistants Colin Armstrong
Dave Wearne
Company Tickets Sue Dyer
Make Up Assistants Jaye Lanigon
Talisha McCann
Judi McCormack
Hair Stylist Debbie Forag
Anthony Norden
Kylie Skinner
Program Artwork Michael Fletcher
Advert Layouts Michael Fletcher
Program Biog Writer Beryl Beaney
Photography Michael Fletcher
Props Assistants Marion Beaman
Julie Cull
Arn Maree Jenkins
Cindy McMahon
Ros Williams
Publicity Beryl Beaney
Sue Dyer
Serenity Harbour
Michael Fletcher
Brett Wingfield
Car Preparation Steve Coultas
Michael Fletcher
Bump In Assistant Craig Aitkin
Welders Vic Glencross
Eric Johnstone
Set Construction Lothar Bachmann
John Beaney
Theo Dietrich
Phillip Lodge
Eric Johnstone
Set Painting Mike Smith
Bernadette Werkmeister
Scenic Painting Rhonda Horwood
Sue Salvato
Flyman Craig Symons
Eric Tunks
Staging John Beaney
Scott Brownlee
James Davies
Michelle Pollock
Shane Robinson
Michael Steffanetti
Support Group Jan Lavender
Front of House John Rumbelow
Robyn Rumbelow
Transport Mark Raynes
Conductor Sue Fletcher
Keyboard 1 Vickie Aitkin
Keyboard 2 Bev Woodford
Guitar Dave Banen
Bass Paul Congdon
Drums Bryn Bowen
Percussion Katrina Di Tomasso
Reed 1 Andrew Corbel
Reed 2 Geoff Earle
Flute Hannah Ireland
Trumpet 1 John Lucas
Trumpet 2 Dean Pratt
Trombone 1 Kenton Smith
Trombone 2 Jonty Smith
Frankston Arts Centre


Jerry Lukowski Tony Appleby
Nathan Lukowski Mathew Werkmeister
Pam Lukwski Courtney Smyth
Dave Bukatinsky Sean Van Geyzel
Georgie Bukatinsky Sarah Watson
Harold Nichols Steve Coultas
Vicki Nichols Natasha Bassett
Malcolm MacGregor Mike Fletcher
Molly MacGregor Sue Allen
Ethan Gerard Michael Laity
Noah (Horse) T. Simmons Chris Tunks
Jeanette Burmeister Marissa Tunks
Reg Keith Giedhill
Buddy (Keno) Walsh Anthony Scundi
Estelle Genovese Marni Appleby
Susan Hershey Tami Szommer
Teddy Slaughter Luke Dawson
Joanie Walters Hannah Sabbatucci
Dancers Marni Appleby
  Tracey Campbell
  Elizabeth Leenders
  Amelia Robinson
  Hannah Sabbatucci
  Jodie Stefanetti
  Kerryn Turner
  Vanessa Winrow
Ensemble Tiffany Brown
  Brendan Coppa
  Heidi Dixon
  Peter Jenkins
  Catherine Jones
  Jamie Laity
  James Williams