West Side Story

2003.2 - West Side StoryFrankston Arts Centre: October 2003


Brief Synopsis

On the mean streets of New York City, two gangs are in a long-lasting duel. The Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang, grapple with the difficulties of assimilating into American society. The Jets, the “American” gang, want to resist newcomers entering their territory. In the midst of this rivalry, a Jet, Tony, falls in love with a beautiful Sharks’ girl, Maria. After a fight between the Jets and the Sharks, Tony ends up killing Maria’s brother, Bernardo. Bitter over losing Maria’s love and the death of Bernardo, Maria’s Puerto Rican suitor, Chino, shoots Tony dead. Dancing in the show requires jazz, ballet and athleticism.




Production Team
Director Roman Berry
Musical Director Bev Woodford
Choreographer Elizabeth Garnsworthy
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Director Sue Salvato
Stage Manager Jodi Wood
Costume Design Brett Wingfield
Set Design John Harding
Lighting Design Jamie Russell
Set Co-ordination John Beaney
Set NZ Consortium/CLOC
Costume Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Assistant Stage Manager Andrew Tunks
Assistant to Stage Manager Angie Phillips
Set Co-ordinator Assistant Craig Symons
Set Advisor Karl Geppert
Alberto Salvato
Scenic Repair/Touch Up Pat Morton
Stage Assistants David Barclay
Rachael Davenport
Trish McMahon
Damien Stevens
Craig Symons
Eric Tunks
Amy Wilson
Kylie Wood
Props Marion Beaman
Marissa Tunks
Lighting Operator Dave Bannen
Lighting Assistants Ron Gavin
John McCormack
Make Up Assistants Elizabeth Leenders
Jess Hitchner
Liz Pavey
Laura Seymour
Costume Assistants Debbie Farag
Lorraine Pearson
Lindy McCann
Pam McNeilly
Jannette Raynes
Robyn Rumbelow
Props Assistants Lorraine Pearson
Cath Milvain
Sound Greenland Audio
Sound Operator Mathew Botherway
Sound Assistants David Barclay
Trish McMahon
Company Tickets Sue Dyer
Front of House John Rumbelow
Robyn Rumbelow
Transport Mark Raynes
John Langman
Program Design Michael Fletcher
Program Biogs Judi McCormack
Program Photos Michael Fletcher
Promotion & Display Andrew Downing
Postcard Design Brett Wingfield
Rehearsal Refreshments Bill McNeilly
Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
Conductor Bev Woodford
Violin Anne Beruldsen
Violin Cameron Conyers
Bass Nathan Post
Woodwind I Kate Large
Woodwind II Andrew Corbel
Woodwind III Emily Smith
Woodwind IV Cameron Esman
Sax Paul Jenkins
Trumpet I John Lucas
Trumpet II Dean Pratt
Trumpet III Chris Kitchingham
Trumpet III Kenton Smith
French Horn David Rampart
Guitar Ashley Shoup
Keyboard Sue Fletcher
Keyboard Adrian Portell
Keyboard Alexandra Rodriguez
Drums Danny Forward
Percussion Bryn Bowen
Frankston Arts Centre



Tony Peter Jenkins
Riff Michael Laity
Action Tony Appleby
Diesel Brendan Coppa
A-Rab Zac Jardine
Baby-John Chris Tunks
Snowboy Luke Smith
Big Deal Joe Main
Gee-Tar Ben Fraher
Mouthpiece Bradley Reader
Tiger Paul Congdon
Velma Jodi Raynes
Grazilla Tami Szommer
Clarice Lorelie Manion
Pauline Kirsty Loveday-Davies
Annette Ebony Richardson
Margo Erin Gamble
Betty-Jo Rebecca Thomas
Claire Beccy Doughty
Cindy Kahlie Woodford
Anybody’s Ruth Bowen
Maria Carly Laughton
Anita Louise Kuchmar
Bernadao Anthony Scundi
Chino Sean Van Geyzel
Pepe Rob Gaetano
Indio James Clarke
Luis Colin Morley
Anxious James Cross
Nibbles Scott Brownlee
Juana John Shrimpto
Toro James Davies
Moose Paul Cooper
Rosalia Angela Scundi
Consuelo Melissa Quenette
Francisca Serenity Harbour
Teresita Marni Watson
Margarita Renee Grivas
Estella Laine Birnbaum
Tina Bianca Birnbaum
Clarita Katie Duff
Carmello Jess Crea
Doc Robert Hanner
Shrank Brad Dart