The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

thumbFrankston Arts Centre : June 2010


Brief Synopsis

The competition is intense. The words are hilarious. Let the spelling begin! The show centers around a fictional spelling bee in Putnam County, New York. Six kids face off in the battle of their lives. They compete against each other as well as members of the audience. Three adults help adjudicate the proceedings: a nostalgic former spelling bee winner, a mildly insane Vice Principal and The Official Comfort Counselor completing his community service to the state of New York.


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Production Team
Director Danny Ginsberg
Musical Director Cameron Thomas
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Manager Nicole Lulak
Assistant Stage Manager Craig Dixon
Scenic Design Heath McKenzie
Lighting Design David Lang
Sound Design Alan Green
Assistant to the Director Jodi Raynes
Costume Co-ordinator Jacinta Williams
Costume Assistant Brett Wingfield
Cathy Conway
Lighting Operator Matt Duncombe
Follow Spot Operator Luke Vare
Sound Operator Matt Botherway
Sound Assistant Blair Patullo
Microphone Fitter Gina Goss
Sound Advisor Colin Armstrong
Program Design Kylie McMillan
Company Tickets Fran Boyd
Cinema Advertisement Paul Congdon
Make Up Co-ordinator Kylie McMillan
Make Up Assistant Catherine Elliott
Photography Ange Lang
Dave Lang
Flyman Michael Bates
Staging Bianca Milewski
Craig Symons
Lucy Stayner
Video Services Rick Merrin
Green Room Manager Jan Lavender
Green Room Assistants Fran Boyd
Helen Brown
Chris Congdon
Jude McCormack
Marketing Kylie McMillan
Anthony Scundi
Brett Wingfield
Angela Ginsberg
Keyboard 1 Cameron   Thomas
Keyboard 2 Bernard   Maude
Reed Kara   Williams
Drums Bryn Bowen
Rona Lisa Peretti Marissa Tunks
Vice Principal Douglas Panch Paul Congdon
Mitch Mahoney Nick Riley
Olive Ostrovsky Serenity Harbour
William Barfee Marcus Flood
Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre Kellie-anne Kimber
Marcy Park Kate Williams
Leaf Coneybear Chris Tunks
Chip Tolentino Daniel Benge