The King & I

2012.1 - The King and I

Frankston Arts Centre : January 2012


Brief Synopsis

It’s the 1860’s and the Western world is closing in on Siam. Hoping to give his family the necessary knowledge to survive in this New World, the King of Siam hires for his children a British governess, Anna. At first, Anna and the King struggle to find common ground between Siam and British attitudes. Soon though, the two opposites fall in love. Meanwhile, Tuptim and Lun Tha have a hidden romance even though Tuptim belongs to the King.



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Production Team
Director Brad Dart
Musical Director Andrew Head
Choreographer Ange Lang
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Andrew Head
Stage Manager Arn Maree   Jenkins
Costume Design Adults Brett Wingfield
Costume Design Children’s Cathy Conway
Jacinta Wilson
Set and Scenic Design Brad Dart
Lighting Design Dave Lang
Make Up Co-ordinator Kylie McMillan
Sound Design Marcello   LoRicco
Assistant to Choreographer Josh Mulchay
Assistant Stage Manager Craig Symons
Children’s Costume Cathy Conway
Co-ordinators Jacinta Wilson
Anna’s Costume Manufacture Brett Wingfield
Costume Assistants Laura Botato
Cathy Conway
Gina Goss
Angela Mathews
Julia Raynes
Megan West
Jacinta Wilson
Brett Wingfield
Jenny Godbar
Lindy McCann
Wig Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Lighting Operator Matthew Duncombe
Follow Spot Operators Peter Amesbury
Josh Lacey
Props Co-ordinator Peter Bates
Props Assistant Jane Lacey
Sound Operator Steve Cooke
Radio Mic Technicians Colin Armstrong
Angela Ginsberg
Staging Nicole Lylak
Lucy Stayner
Zac Groeneveld
Jez Lylak
Josh Sunderland
Graeme McDougal
Karen Garaway
Craig Dixon
Bianca Milewski
Tim Mann
Set Construction Mike Fletcher
Program Design Kylie McMillan
Photography Ange Lang
Dave Lang
Green Room Manager Jan Lavender
Green Room Assistants Fran Boyd
Helen Brown
Carole Cuthbertson
Front of House Display Dave Lang
Kylie McMillan
Front of House Callum Armstrong
Chris Congdon
Judi McCormack
Company Tickets Fran Boyd
Marketing Brett Wingfield
Kylie McMillan
Rehearsal Pianist Krystal Tunnicliffe
Audition Secretary Brett Wingfield
Stage Photos Mike Fletcher
Violin Prue Glenn
Hamish Paterson
Simone Rickerby
Lauren Steel
Peter Szabo
Viola Jenny Brown
Cello Debbie McLeod
Angus Gray
Bass Geoff Shields
Bill Clark
Flute Amber Simm
Hayley Blakiston
Clarinet Andrew Houston
Sanja Domazet
Cor Anglais Kara Williams
Bassoon Glen Taylor
Trumpet Dimitri Willenberg
John Mansfield
Horn Kevin Close
Celia Mason
Trombone Frank Blakiston
Jonty Smith
Percussion Keith Morgan
Richard Annable
Keyboard Krystal Tunnicliffe



The King  Phil Haby
Anna Leonowens Hayley Doran
Lady Thiang Elissa McDonagh
Tuptim Sharon Wills
Lun Tah Matthew Clayton
Louis Leonowens Nicholas Armstrong
Prince Chulolongkorn Riley  Spadaro
The Kralahome Ant Doig
Captain Orton Peter Stanbrook
Sir Edward Ramsay Peter Stanbrook
Palace Ensemble,Includes
 wives, palace, dances, Tamika Ball
 guards, amazons, etc Bridie Clark
Nicole Dew
Gina Goss
Eliza Hammond
Cara Johnston
Ellie Johnston
Cindy Kay
Jessica McLeod
Angie Mathews
Peter Nicklen
Melanie Paxton
Stephanie Poon
Nick Rees
Hannah Rule
  Peter Stanbrook
Royal Princesses Charlotte Baker
Jordan Bartolo
Summer Brydson
Jamieson Brydson
Abby Dart
Abbey Frew
Mary Hammond
Crystal Krause
Hannah Lack
Georgia Martin
Alexa Mathews
Phoebe Mathews
Zarah Mitchell
Gloria Raynes
Sophie Raynes
Brooke West
Kayla Wilson
Royal Princes Keegan Dart
Benjamin Gonsalvez
Rhys Grange-Lylak
Thomas Grima
Zachary Krause