Little Shop of Horrors

Frankston Arts Centre July 2013

Seymour Krelbourn is a poor young man working at a run-down flower shop on skid row when he encounters a miracle. He discovers an alien plant after a total eclipse of the sun. After bringing the plant to the store, he gains fame, fortune, and love. The only defect is that the plant feeds on human blood. Seymour and the plant make a deal that if the plant continues to bring Seymour positive attention, he will in turn continue to feed the plant human bodies. Eventually, the evil plant eats Seymour and his close friends and acquaintances.

DirectorDanny Ginsberg
Musical DirectorSue Fletcher
ChoreographerSteve Rostron
Production Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Stage ManagerKaren Bates
Costume DesignBrett Wingfield
Set and Scenic DesignMike Fletcher
Lighting DesignBrad Alcock
Sound DesignMarcello LoRicco
Steve Cooke
Assistant to the DirectorGina Goss
Assistant Stage ManagerNicole Lylak
Costume Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Costume AssistantsMaria Sabbatucci
DressersJacinta Wilson
Brett Wingfield
Set ConstructionMike Fletcher
Set Construction   AssistantsColin Armstrong
Nicole Lylak
Jez Lylak
Lachie Fletcher
Cameron Sweatman
Scenic PaintingJohn Burrett,
John Shelbourn
Brenton Staples
Lighting OperatorDavid Boddison
Lighting Head DomePatsy Boddison
Lighting DomesTina Boddison-Gray
Naomi Boddison-Gray
Sound OperatorSteve Cooke
Radio Mic TechniciansLucy Stayner
Make Up Co-ordinatorsKylie McMillan
Make Up AssistantsAlexis Collier
Kelly Fairbairn
Wig Co-ordinatorTrent Whitmore
Head FlymanMichael Bates
StagingCraig Dixon
Liam Dobbs
Lachie Fletcher
Zac Groenveld
Jez Lylak
Tim Mann
Jess Pratt
Ash Roussetty
Andrew Tunks
Bianca Milewski
Audrey II KeeperMarissa Tunks
Audrey II Specialist PropsGary McDonald
Props Co-ordinatorJane Lacey
Props AssistantPeter Bates
MarketingBrett Wingfield
Kylie McMillan
Program DesignKylie McMillan
PhotographyMike Fletcher
Stage PhotosMike Fletcher
Company TicketsFran Boyd
Green Room ManagerJan Lavender
Green Room AssistantsFran Boyd
Shirley Bowen
Helen Brown
Carole Cuthberson
Front of HouseChris Congdon
Judi McCormack
Front of House DisplayTara Kabalan
Gina Goss
Rehearsal PianistKathryn Leonard
PianoKathryn Leonard
KeyboardMartine Wenrow
Reed 1Paul Jenkins
Reed 2Malcom Huddler
Trumpet 1Dean Pratt
Trumpet 2Alistair Neil
GuitarDave Banen
BassPaul Congdon
DrumsBryn Bowen
PercussionYvette Leach
Seymour KrelbournePeter Jenkins
AudreyEmily Hall
Orin ScrivelloMichael Laity
Mr. MuscnikMike Fletcher
CrystalTara Kabalan
RonnetteCourtney Smith
ChiffonLauren Edwards
Voice of Audrey IIJessi Leigh O’Halloran
Audrey II /PuppeteersPete Nicklen
Cameron Sweatman