The Little Mermaid Cast

PLOS Musical Productions is thrilled to introduce the cast of our January 2018 production of The Little Mermaid.

Ariel                 Hannah Kyberd

Prince Eric     Jesse Thomas

Grimsby         John Tacey

Flounder         Lenny Thomas

Scuttle             Scott Hili

King Triton    David Torr

Sebastian       Daragh Wills

Aquata            Tiffany Pickthall

Andrina          Sarah Govan

Arista               Saskia Scott

Atina                Ally Bruce

Adella               Tayla Holmes

Allana              Sienna Iscaro

Flotsam           Patrick Robinson

Jetsam             Alice Breedon

Ursula               Elise Stevens

Chef Louis      Campbell Sewell

Pilot                  Pete Nicklen


Male Ensemble

Nicholas Armstrong

Daniel Gough

Mitchell Hurey

Zac Krause

Mark Mackenzie

Michael Mitchell

Pete Nicklen

Oliver Pinkett

Campbell Sewell

Josh Trippett


Female Ensemble

Jo Corbel

Jessica Faulkner

Sarah Hayes

Olivia Horne

Hannah Lees

Hannah Rule

Kayla Wilson


Children’s Ensemble

Anthony Pierson

Eames Flynn

Zarah Mitchell

Kiraley Noy

Alexandra Stone

Indiana Stretch

Jaimie Wood







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