Hello Dolly Recall Material


Welcome to the recall process for Hello Dolly! to be held at PLOS Shed as outlined below on Thursday 6 February 2020.

Please check time called and all material required for characters listed on invitation.
Should you have any questions they should be made to Audition Secretary – Brett Wingfield 0408 576 705.
Those involved in recall process are asked NOT to make any contact with members of the Audition Panel.
We wish you well throughout the process.


Thursday 6 February 2020


7:30pm – Cornelius and Barnaby 

8:00pm – Irene Molloy and Minnie

9:00pm – Ermengarde

9:15pm – Horace

9:30pm – Dolly


Recall Material – Songs and Scripts

Please click link to access material appropriate to recall invitation


Cornelius, Barnaby, Mrs Molloy, Minnie_compressed

Cornelius, Mrs Molloy_compressed

Dolly, Horace_compressed



HD Recall – Script – Dolly & Vandergelder

HD Recall – Script – Cornelis & Barnaby

HD Recall – Script – Minnie & Mrs Molloy & Ermendarde