Mt Eliza Community Centre

October 1983

When New Yorkers Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas get lost on a vacation in the Scottish Highlands, they stumble into Brigadoon. Brigadoon is a mythical village that, they learn, appears for a single day once every hundred years. At first, Tommy and Jeff are mystified by the villagers’ 18th century garb as they go to market, but they are soon charmed by romantic liaisons: Tommy, who is engaged back in New York, falls terribly in love with headstrong Fiona, while Jeff enjoys a harmless flirtation with Meg Brockie. It is only when Harry Beaton, the rejected suitor of Fiona’s sister, Jean, tries to leave Brigadoon that the two men realize the complicated truth: at the end of the day, this town will disappear into the mist for the next hundred years –- and if anyone succeeds in leaving Brigadoon, the town and the people in it will be lost, forever. Tommy is forced to choose between returning to the world that he knows and his New York fiance — or taking a chance on life and love in a mysterious new place.



Roger Adams

Musical Director

Arch Dyer


Jan Megna



Production Co-ordinator

Alberto Salvato



Stage Director

Judi McCormack

Stage Manager

Alberto Salvato



Costume Design

Janice Smith


Judith Smith

Set Design

John Beaney

Lighting Director

Ron Gavin





Set Construction

John Beaney

Scenic Artist

Pat Morton

Costume Co-ordinator

Janice Smith


Judith Smith


Wendy Raitt

Rehearsal Pianist

Philip Lambert


Celia Riley

Front of House

Lesley Hill

Gala Night Management

Joan Pearson

Publicity, Program

Shirley Bowen


John Beaney


Fred Birkinshaw

Rehearsal Refreshments

Doreen Sparks


Paul Mason


Rick Merrin


Frank Cinaglia


Jan Megna

Special Production Assistant

Celia Riley


Jean Riley


Simone Smith




Arch Dyer


Geoff Dart


Chris Higgins


Tommy Albright

Greg Saher

Jeff Douglas

Mark Bradley

Angus McKenzie

Frank Cinaglia

Donald Campbell

Avid Coeland


Brad Dart

Maggy Aberbethy

Debbie Foster

Harry Ritchie

Graeme McDougal

Meg Brockie

Yvonne McGuiness

Andrew MacKeith

Grant Kednnedy

Fiona McKeith

Maryanne Bird

Jean McKeith

Kim White

Charlie Cameron

Geoff Hinde

Mr Murdoch

Stephan Bowen

Sword Dancers

Sue Keeley


Sarah Saffrey


James Evans


Ian Taylor


Fred Pezzimenti

Jane Ashton

Donna Plasket


Heather Bird


Fay Brown


Anner Bunn


Elizabeth Coops


Maree Drew


Linda Foley


Janette Kennedy


Jenny Leslie


Lyn McCoy


Melba Papas


Donna Plaskett


Elisa Pullen


Jean Riley


Barbara Rothwell


Betty Schlager


Janice Smith


Judith Smith


Melissa Stewart


Heidi Taube


Marissa Tunks


Kath Wood

Male Chorus

Frederick Birkinshaw


Stephan Bowen


Frank Cinaglia


Brad Dart


Geoff Hinde


Grant Kennedy


Graeme McDougal


Fred Pezzimenti


Albert Potts


Keith Sully


Julie Bassett


James Evans


Debbie Foster


Sue Keeley


Caron McFarlane


Sarah Saffrey


Kim White